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Importance of Having a Reputable Car Injury Attorney

Approximately 32,000 people lose their lives in car accidents in the United States every year. Houston and Charlotte are no strangers to car accidents. More than 58,000 crashes were reported in Houston in 2020, which claimed 274 lives. In North Carolina, the numbers were 1,523 fatal crashes with 1,659 deaths.

In terms of accident-related injuries, Houston recorded 5,939 injuries while North Carolina recorded 105,382 in 2020. These are terrifying statistics considering that most of his fatalities and accidents resulted from other people’s negligence and were not compensated accordingly by insurance companies. So, if you’re wondering whether you need a lawyer after being in a car wreck caused by somebody else, the answer is yes.

Accident attorneys are crucial, especially in cases where there are wrongful deaths, partial injuries, and workplace personal injury compensation claims. Some lawyers work for insurance companies, and most of these lawyers can attest that insurance companies love it when a compensation claimant does not have a car injury attorney.

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If you do not have a lawyer, the insurance companies ride on the perception that you do not know your rights or the responsibilities of the insurance companies and relations to car accidents.

It’s a very unusual occurrence for an insurance company to inform you about what they should be doing for you in the event of a car accident. You might have heard the statement, “You don’t need a lawyer; we are here to help you.” However, this is not usually the case. This article tells you the importance of hiring a reputable car injury attorney on your side when engaging a car insurance company.

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A Better Compensation Deal

Statistics show that engaging a reputable accident attorney increases the compensation amount by approximately 40%. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you have an attorney, regardless of what the insurance company assures you.

Another interesting statistic is that hiring an attorney can make you receive 3-times more compensation on average in some states, depending on the claim and the attorney’s experience, compared to approaching the car insurance company alone without an attorney.

Therefore, it is clear that if you do not hire an attorney, you are letting the insurance company hold on to your legally deserving money that can help you catch up with your bills or cater for your future medical expenses.

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Fastrack the Process of Compensation

Compensation can go as far as more than a year. Some insurance companies also opt for payment in installments. These cases are common, especially if you do not have a reputable car injury attorney.

Therefore, a car injury attorney is essential in fast-tracking the compensation process, which provides justice and deserving compensation for an injured party. The mere presence of an attorney prompts an insurance company to settle for immediate compensation to avoid any legal complications.

If you haven’t considered hiring a car accident attorney, consider the following:

  • How will you manage to pay for your medical bills?
  • What happens if your paychecks stop coming and you have a pile of bills?
  • How can you get your injuries treated if you do not have health insurance?
  • How can you manage without a car?

Medical bills and piling bills with reduced income can land you declaring bankruptcy, where you will need a Houston attorney Chapter 13. Before getting to that, you have to know that you have absolutely nothing to lose by engaging in a car accident attorney.

If you are in Charlotte and looking to get your insurance compensated, the best thing would be to search for Charlotte car accident attorneys.

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