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4 Bathroom Tiles you Really can’t Afford to Ignore

A tile refers to a thin object that is usually square or rectangular shaped. It is also defined as a manufactured piece of hard-wearing materials like stone, metal, ceramic, baked clay, or glass.

Generally, tiles are used for covering floors, walls, and other objects including tabletops. Also, tile may refer to similar units that have been made from lightweight materials including perlite, mineral wool, as well as wood. They are often used for ceiling as well as wall applications.

In a different sense, a tile can be used in a construction project. In the bathroom area, for instance, a tile is often used to bring in a new look. There are different types of tiles. Here are four of the most prominent and stylish ones that you really shouldn’t ignore.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is the only type of tile that can work in any room of your house. It is most of the time used in bathrooms and foyers as well as mudrooms in addition to other high-traffic areas in the house. In many homes, ceramic tiles are used in warm climate areas since they have a significant effect on the room.

Attractive Features of Ceramic Tiles

Resistant to Dirt

Ceramic tiles do not resist dirt or any other residues like many other flooring and walling tiles. They can also easily be cleaned with standard household detergent and materials. Besides, ceramic tiles don’t require polishing or buffing in order to maintain their finish. As such, their daily cleaning procedure retains the original look of the shine on the bathroom floors.


Ceramic flooring tiles have a durable protective layer thereby making them impervious to water as well as most stains. This makes them naturally resistant to ravages and highly humid conditions. As such, it is preferred in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Although most ceramic floor tiles are glazed in nature, there are a few types of unglazed ceramic tiles including Saltillo tiles. These have to be sealed before they protect the surface from various liquids as well as stains. Ceramic floor is also highly durable and robust thereby preventing the bathroom floor from cracking.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tile is made from red and brown clays. The material is often shaped into the required tile design and then allowed to dry. After that, it’s fired in a kiln or a combustible pit. The clay is fired to give it a hard and durable surface. This allows it to serve as a flooring bathroom tile. It can also be glazed into an impervious object to stains and sealed in order to be protected from grievous damage.

Other times, it can be left in its original state.  In its natural state, terracotta tile is a lovely mix of red as well as earthen hues that wash in swopping clouds of attractive colors that help create a unique subdued image on the surface of fired tiles. This is because of the iron deposit that’s contained in the clay used in the manufacturing process.

Attractive features of terracotta tiles


Terracotta is famous for its durability and toughness. These tiles can last for decades if they are manufactured and then installed keeping in mind the required quality standards. Several ancient sculptures are proof of the long-lasting quality of these tiles.

As such, terracotta bathroom flooring is readily available in natural shades of brown. This is a reflection of its natural color that can look attractive on bathroom walls. Terracotta tiles also offer an ancient-worldly feel coupled with some ambiance.


Terracotta tiles are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. In the bathroom walls, the strength and the beauty of the materials are admired. The flooring tiles provide a rustic look that can hardly be imitated by anyone. It can also be used as sealed or unsealed. This is highly dependent on the application in the bathroom.

Vinyl Tiles

When revamping a bathroom in your home, all floor coverings are often at the top of the list. Vinyl is one of the best choices for this project. The sheets come in different rolls of 6-15 ft in length. They are often installed by laying down the whole sheet and then dividing the area to fit into the bathrooms.

Attractive features of vinyl tiles


Vinyl is highly durable it is properly installed and then maintained. It can last up to ten years. Nonetheless, the quality of the material you decide to purchase including the way it was manufactured is going to determine its durability. Solid vinyl tiles are often homogenous. They are also extremely durable.

Stain Resistant

Vinyl tiles have a clear layer that serves as the barrier of the surface. This barrier protects the bathroom floor from spills and stubborn stains. The materials are also easy to maintain as well as clean.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles provide an exceptional visual appeal to your bathroom that other tiles may not achieve. It comes in limitless color options, shapes, and sizes. A glass tile will give your bathroom a unique look that allows for different design possibilities as well as combinations.

Attractive Features of Glass Tiles

Low Maintenance

Glass tiles are low maintenance. They are also easy to clean. Regular glass cleaner can be used to remove stains from the tile. It is, therefore, an excellent option for showers since soap will frequently build up on the surface.

Provides a Custom Look

Glass tiles provide a broad array of attractive colors as well as transparency. They are also a perfect option for creating a bold design statement in a utilitarian space. The glass tile look is customizable. You may choose the color and size that you prefer to install in your bathroom. You can as well paint some preferred color behind the transparent glass tiles.

This is a perfect idea for those who want to express their personality. Typically when starting a bathroom remodel project, homeowners have that one choice of tile that they dream of. Sometimes, it’s a special accent tile while other times it could be a simple tile that can easily be selected from the crowded market. Whichever the case, it’s essential to choose a high-quality tile for your bathroom.

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