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4 Tips for Converting Website Traffic Into Sales

As the economy continues to appear unsteady as it tries to recover from the impact of COVID-19, businesses are forced to become more creative in order to attract new customers and remain in operations when a bleak financial future may be looming.

As shops and physical business locations may still need to operate under social distancing conditions and many Americans are still hesitant to venture out for shopping, reaching your market through online sales and services may be your only hope of continuing to grow or keep the business open.

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It becomes essential to have a strong digital marketing strategy, it drives traffic to your website. Once there, you need to convert browsers into paying customers. These are expert-worthy tips for creating profitable website traffic.

Start With an Email List

When a customer first arrives on your website, the goal (in addition to making a purchase) is to establish communication channels with the individual for further engagement down the road. For the most part, this starts will a solid email marketing strategy, Craft your lead magnet around a problem that those who are visiting your website will likely have.

An email opt-in function may present a free shipping coupon or an introductory rate, but your goal is for the customer to get to know and trust your brand through introductory and follow-up correspondence. Providing value during the initial opt-in request is key to getting the sales opportunity later.

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Rely on Conversion Tracking Systems

If you are using paid advertising, you will want a way to monitor how well the strategy is working. The same goes for your website traffic. Conversions tools allow you to track where leads are generated and how effectively the individual was converted into a sale.

Place a conversion tracking picked on your confirmation page to effectively and easily gather the data. If you want to take it a step further you can use landing pages and conduct split testing with new targeting options for demographics. You get a better grasp of your return on investment for paid marketing and advertising when you know which campaigns are bringing the most money.

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Create Tiered Offerings for the Stages of Buying

The content of your site must be able to reach the different needs that arise from the individual buying stages. Though the hope would be for all visitors to your site to make a purchase, this is not always the case. For example, individuals that are new to your brand may not understand the value of what you are selling.

TA live chat service can provide instant access for those who have questions, but blog posts can also be used to educate newcomers on the need for your product or service. Your campaigns should be nurturing and contain customized content.

A visitor to your site may return after the first visit for more information and still not be ready to make the purchase, but your website should still be applicable to the individual’s needs if there is to be any hope of making the sale in the future.

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Use Multiple Digital Channels

In an effort to save time and money, it can be convenient to rely on what has been done in the past since it used to work. However, as digital services and channels continue to change, the demands and interests of the consumer also change.

Following the trends will let you know where people are looking for their information and product recommendations. You also need to know what digital channels your target market is on.

Look at the demographics relying on Facebook ads and reviews for product recommendations before you decide to make that your sole option for advertising. You may find that you will do better with LinkedIn Advertising or direct sales. You can also run separate campaigns in order to maximize exposure.

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Remove Risks

Reducing the purchasing reluctance of potential consumers means identifying what they might perceive as risk. For the bulk of website visitors, it is uncertain. They aren’t sure of the look, the size, the ability to return it, a warranty, the potential to find a cheaper rate or product efficiency.

Offering a risk-free guarantee and a simple and easy refund policy is often all it takes to minimize the perceived risks to consumers.

Altering your website content and conversion strategies can help your business thrive even when the economy is struggling. Use these tips to draw in traffic that converts into paying customers.

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