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5 Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Tires

If there is a car part that is often overlooked, it is the tire. Most car owners will be keen to maintain their engine and replace headlights or windows when broken, but when it comes to the wheels, there is often some reluctance.

However, all car parts are important. Just because some are less costly than others does not make them any less important. With proper maintenance, your tires should be replaced after six years. Of course, there are other factors to consider, like how often the car is used or the mileage. Discussed below are a few tell-tale signs that your tires need to go.

Bulges and Blisters

With time, the outer surface of your car will begin weakening, and the result will either be blisters or bulges. This is similar to what doctors refer to as an aneurysm in your blood vessels.

When a doctor tells you this, you know that you need medical attention before an artery ruptures. The same applies to your tire. That tiny blister that you assume to be inconsequential can lead to a blowout. Worse of all, if you are on the road, you are at risk of getting into an accident. Avoid putting yourself at risk or other people on the road, and replace your tires immediately.

Regular Air Pressure Issues

Tires having low pressure is nothing to be concerned about, especially during cold seasons. But when this keeps happening, it could be a sign that your tire has a puncture. A puncture is a simple fix.

But if you have been using the tires for some time, fixing them will not cut. Because the rubber is worn out, you will experience the same issue repeatedly. That is a sign that the tires need to be replaced.

Tread Wear

Newer car tires have to tread wear indicator bars on the tires. This is a convenience you will not find in old tires. These bars are barely visible or even invisible when the tires are new.

But as the tread wears out, the bars start appearing. If you notice one or two of these bars, it means that the tread is getting low. You can also use a penny test to check whether the tread is too low. Get a penny and place it in the grooves between the treads with Lincoln pointing down.

If you can see the top of the Lincoln head, the tread is too shallow. Start thinking of getting new tires. Understandably, replacing four wheels at the same time can be costly. But instead of using worn-out tires, you can look up various discount tires options and see if you can get better deals.

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When driving the vehicle, some amount of vibration is expected, especially if you are on a bad road. But if you have been driving for some time, you are aware of which level of vibration sounds normal or feels right.

If the vibration is too much, it could indicate many issues such as poor wheel alignment or worn suspension parts. Either way, excessive vibration, even when you are on a smooth road, means something is wrong, and the car has to be checked.

Old Tires

At times, the issue could simply be that your tires are old. As mentioned earlier, tires last about six years. If you are approaching this mark, start budgeting for new tires.

The role of your tires is to support your vehicle. If they are old and worn out, they will not do that job effectively. Suppose you notice any of the above signs, do not take them lightly. Get the tires checked.

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