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5 Strategies to Optimize Your Sales Conversion Rate

Having a good website is not enough for quality conversions these days. You may get enough traffic along with plenty of leads through to sales on our website.

But, what’s the point if there are too many drop-offs right during the purchasing process or on the ‘checkout’ page?

All marketers focus on one thing at the end number of paying customers. So, you have to optimize your sales conversion rate so that you can keep your customers moving down the sales funnel all the way to the payment option.

Business growth isn’t just about enticing potential customers but also transforming them into paying customers. Here are the five powerful tactics to optimize your sales conversion rate and get more customers with the traffic you already have.

Sales Conversion Rate
Image source: https://www.doyouconvert.com/new-conversion-rates-for-online-sales-icymi/

1. Establish Your Brand as an Industry Leader

Your goal should be to keep your new and existing customers coming back to your website for more, better products. How do you expect them to buy from you if they don’t know you exist or if they don’t trust you? So, you have to get your name out there and earn the trust of your potential customers.

Here’s how you can spread awareness about your brand?

  • Blogging – Identify the trends among your target audience and write blog posts related to those trends. But, make sure it is related to your services or products.
  • Social networking – Consumers rely on social media platforms to find referrals, advice, and reviews. Make your business available for questions on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
  • PPCs – Pay Per Click campaigns to let you pay websites for sharing your advertisements or promotions. These campaigns drive immense traffic to your landing pages, thereby letting you convert prospects by capturing their email addresses.

Let’s say you want students to hire essay writers from your website. For that, you have to put your website name in front of your target audience so that it doesn’t get lost amid the sea of your competitors. Students will hire essay writers from you only if they trust you and find your website on search engine results.

2. Work on Your Sales Scripting

According to Gong.io, a sales intelligence platform, conversion rates drop almost 19% when sales representatives mention your company’s name six or more times. You can fine-tune your pitches with the right terms and phrases. Your prospects may turn a deaf ear to your sales pitch if they find even one red flag in your sales call. So, you have to improve your sales scripting so that it sounds genuine, credible, and trustworthy.

Tips for writing a proper sales script:

  • Focus on any one product or service. Explain the benefits that your prospects will enjoy by availing of those services.
  • Link the benefits to the pain points of your customers.
  • Ask questions about those pain points and provide relevant solutions.

Your target audiences expect your sales team to be helpful, patient and friendly to some extent. They may drift off to your competitors if they find anything otherwise in your sales call. Prepare your script in such a way that it shows value and empathy to your prospects. 

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3. Engage Your Customers

Let’s say student ‘A’ wanted to hire an essay writer from your website one day. However, she changed her mind and thought of trying out other options due to any reason. This scenario is quite common among people, and that is when you have to engage and encourage them to make small commitments to your brand even before they make a purchase.

Here’s how you can engage your crowd:

  • Landing pages – The purpose of landing pages is to address one specific problem of your target audience and capture their contact information to make a sale.
  • Calls to action – Decide the action that you want your customer to take and add a relevant and strong call to action multiple times on your web page.
  • Contact forms – Contact forms and email newsletters are opportunities for you to add subscribers to your list.

Considering the same example as above, it is normal to have students opt out of the checkout page at times. But, constant follow-ups can help you engage them. Thus, the next time they need to hire essay writers, they would contact you and not your competitors.

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4. Educate Your Customers About Your Products

Getting the attention of your audience is just one step. The next and most important step is to educate your followers about your service or product. Your customers may have questions, and it’s your duty to answer them. For instance, let’s say you run an academic business and write essays for students. So, your prospects may want to know if they can buy college essays instantly from your website. Your job is to help them understand they you deliver quality essays in a few hours.

Use the following methods to educate your prospects:

  • Emails – Compose an email answering the ten most frequently asked questions about your products and send it to your prospects.
  • Autoresponder drips – You can send pre-written emails to prospects over time and the autoresponder series can move them through the Committed and Crowd sales funnel stages.
  • CRM and Sales Integration – CRM let you track your interactions with new and existing customers. You can identify the emails your prospects should receive or need through CRM, retargeting, and cookie detection.

There are plenty of other similar companies claiming to offer your prospects the best services. So, you have to prove your worth to your prospects. You have to pre-qualify them by making them understand that your product is a good fit for their needs and demands.

5. Introduce a Fear of Loss or a Sense of Urgency

Do you know what loss aversion is? It is the psychological principle that states that human beings fear the pain of losing something valuable that they may possess. So, you have to introduce a benefit that your prospects will receive if they opt for your services and products. You need to persuade your prospects to buy within a defined time frame or else they may end up losing all the benefits.

Here’s an example from Amazon:

Image source: https://www.abtasty.com/blog/scarcity-urgency-marketing/

Provide some extra benefits too as you persuade your customers to opt for the limited-time deal. For example, you can provide welcome discounts if your customer signs up for an early deal.

Wrapping Up

There are different types of websites on the Internet. Some of you may have an informative website, while others may have an e-commerce website. Irrespective of the type of your website, the ultimate goal is to generate huge amounts of revenue. And the strategies explained above can certainly help you improve your sales conversion rate, thereby generating the revenue that you want for your business.

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