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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Gift for Coworkers

From birthdays to retirements, or even the annual Secret Santa at Christmas, choosing a good present for your coworker can often turn out to be a difficult task, especially when you consider the number of special occasions to celebrate throughout the year.

Thankfully, gift-giving in the office doesn’t necessarily have to be so challenging, as long as you are familiar with their personality. To that end, here are some of the best gift ideas you simply can’t go wrong with, suited to any type of coworker you might have:

Pick Out a Cool Gadget for the Office Tech Junkie

All Millennial and Gen Z workspaces are bound to have at least one technology buff in the office, who always follows the latest trends when it comes to tech gadgets and accessories. If that is the case with you as well, tech gear such as smartwatches or wireless headphones always makes for a great gift they’ll absolutely love.

If such presents are out of your budget, however, consider getting a powerful portable charger or even a phone car mount for that coworker that’s always on their smartphone.

Or, if your tech-savvy colleague is constantly staring at a computer screen, then blue light glasses might be quite a thoughtful and practical gift.

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Opt for Something Useful for the Famous Chef

If you have a coworker that loves to cook, and occasionally brings delicious treats to the office as well, this would be the perfect opportunity to repay them. So, think about a useful kitchen appliance or accessory that they might need for their cooking.

Depending on your budget, anything from spoon rests or specific vegetable cutters to mixers and food processors can be a brilliant gift for the avid chef.

In case you’re not exactly sure which kitchen gadgets your colleague might need, you can also opt for a great cookbook or even a collection of interesting spices. Such a present surely won’t go to waste, and it might even inspire them to make new incredible dishes.

Choose a Handy Tool for the Fan of the Outdoors

For the adventurous colleague who likes to explore the great outdoors, there’s a wide variety of gear available that will make their exciting trips that much more enjoyable.

One of the best presents you could opt for is a top-quality Tekto Gear knife, as such a brilliant, multi-practical tool will be a great option for anyone who loves the outdoors, whether they enjoy fishing, camping, or even extreme sports.

If you wish, you could also combine this gift with a sturdy reusable water bottle, a good pair of sunglasses, hiking socks or gloves, or even a durable backpack; anything your coworker might need on their next outdoor adventure.

Give Something Exciting to the Office Comedian

If your office has a designated comedian who’s always there to crack jokes and lighten the mood, why not give them the gift of laughter as well? If you know this colleague well, you can decide to buy them tickets for a brilliantly funny movie or even their favorite comedian’s live show; such a present is bound to bring a smile to their face.

In case you don’t exactly know what your funny coworker enjoys, however, you can always opt for something like a popular comic book, or even a great game, such as comedic card games or multiplayer games, which are bound to keep them entertained during their spare time.

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Get a Neutral Item for the One You Don’t Know Well

When it comes to new colleagues or even those people in the office that you’re not quite as close with, choosing an appropriate present can often be a challenge. In those instances, opting for something neutral yet still practical might be the best course of action.

While notebooks and pen sets might be a classing present, they always come in handy in the office and could turn out to be a great gift choice, especially if you decide to personalize it with the coworker’s initials.

Alternatively, you could also think about useful workspace items such as calendars, office supplies, and desk organizers, or even a piece of software that’s not company-mandated, but could still be quite beneficial for your work.

While deciding on the ideal gift for your colleague might be a tricky task, it’s evidently not impossible. Whether your coworker is a tech junkie, a brilliant cook, or even a lover of the outdoors, there’s a great present out there that’s perfectly suited to their personality.

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