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7 Tips in Making Your Sales Brochures More Effective

Many businesses have been creating and distributing sales brochures to sell their products or services for decades, yet most of these designed marketing materials are ineffective.

Every piece of sales literature your business gives out should leave an impression on your prospective customers. The recipient will judge your business based on what they see. The sales brochure that you’re going to hand out can either leave the impression of professionalism or give the impression of possible incompetence.

When making a commercial brochure, you need to create one that will leave a positive first impression, resonate with your audience and invite them to learn more about your products, services, or brand.

The following are a few tips to help you create sales brochures that you can proudly disseminate to potential customers:

Create the Marketing Material from the Reader’s Point of View

Before you sit down with your marketing team and put together a brochure, take some time to look at the end user or the recipient of your sales literature. You have to figure out what they need. Then, make a brochure that addresses their needs.

If you’re unsure exactly what they need, ask these questions:

  • Who are the people that you’re trying to influence with the sales brochure?
  • Why should people purchase your product or service?
  • How can your service or product solve their problems or give them what they want?

Use Images that Are Important to Your Customer

Customers also want to see the service or product you’re selling, photos of the results they’ll get when you buy from your business or whatthey’ll feel if they work with your business. If you’re a mortgage lending company offering home loans, for instance, you could use pictures of your home loan officers who are helping future home buyers with their mortgage applications.

Showcase Your Brand’s Uniqueness

The key to an effective brochure or any other sales material is to emphasize the features that make you unique and allow you to stand out from the competition. Your sales literature should communicate a clear sense of your brand. Always be clear about the things in your business that make you exceptional. By doing so, you can create a powerful front cover, writing copy and brochure design.

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Pay Attention to Readability

Make sure that your sales brochure is easy to read. A good way to do this is to use bullet points to enumerate the key features of your product or service.

Here’s why: businesspeople and consumers alike are pressed for time and have a lot of adverts vying for their attention.

This means that they’re likely to skim through copy. Adding bullet points that contain feature-rich information will help keep them focused on the product or service you offer and lead them to the action that you’d like them to take next.

Create a Good Front Cover

The cover of the brochure is the first thing that potential customers see. It establishes the tone for your marketing material, so it needs to be attractive, memorable and professional-looking.

You can do this by writing a headline stating what you offer and how it benefits customers. You could also include the perceived problems of your target audience and the solutions that your business can provide.

Give Your Potential Customers a Reason to Act Now

Your efforts in building desire and interest, as well as attracting attention will go down the drain if you don’t compel the reader to perform an action. The prospective customer will simply move on to the next thing that draws their attention and forgets everything about your product, service or brand.

A few of the tactics you could use to encourage people to buy from you right away are the following:

  • Rebates for purchase by a specific date
  • A special gift when the customer buys the product or signs up for a service before a specific date
  • Special discounts that are only valid before a specific date (or during a specific period, such as Christmas season)

You don’t necessarily have to use giveaways and discounts. You could also get customers to purchase your goods right away by giving reminders. A couple of examples include buying now before the prices go up or stocks run out.

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Add Your Contact Details

Be sure that your business contact information, such as website URL, phone number and social media handles are easy to find in the sales brochure.

You could also include a QR code that directs prospects to a signup page or a product or service page. Make your next sales brochure a winner by following these seven suggestions.

An effective brochure can surely help you drum up your business or announce a new product and service to the right people.

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