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Business Daily; Setting UP a Warehouse/Shelter Business

A warehouse or a shelter is a good option for a business. You get paid to provide storage for a lot of companies who can not find a place to store their goods. There are a huge variety of goods that might need your storage facilities.

Good ranging from electronics to food to even furniture. Most companies that mass produce their goods require such storage. To actually build your storage you need to plan things out properly. Storages are not merely shelters but today’s date storages are expected to have a number of facilities.

Also, successfully getting these companies to select your godown for storage is also a challenge. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you’re starting your warehousing business. Let’s go through these points in detail.

Plot Location

The location of your warehouse is of the utmost importance. While planning to set up your warehouse you need to consider the fact that the location should be extremely strategic. Companies that will rent out your warehouse will take the economic factor into play and will choose the one that will be the least costly in terms of transport.

The strategic factor also comes into play when you want to target maximum companies. A centralized location of the plot from the major factories will always help. Moreover, it would not be advisable to build your godown too far away from factories. The location is therefore quite important if you want your business to be booming.

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The next concern of yours would be the staff you hire. A warehouse is a storage for products that are kept there in bulk. The staff is responsible for looking over the storage of goods worth millions of dollars. This means you need to keep a very trustworthy staff. A proper background check is necessary for each of the employees.

Proper training is a must, especially for cold storages and other storages where the work is a bit more intricate than others. In cold storage, the temperature needs to be maintained to a certain degree and if there is a lot of fluctuation in the temperature the goods might end up getting ruined.

For example, a warehouse that has mushrooms stored in cold storage needs to be monitored regularly and the temperature needs to be set according to the growth of the mushroom. Jobs like these require special training and detailed knowledge about the goods they are in charge of.

The security of the warehouse also needs to be a notch higher than the security you find at the entrance of societies and so forth. Since these storages mostly hold goods worth millions they are more prone to robberies. The guards that you employ need to be trained in handling and using firearms to help in such situations.


You might think that a warehouse would barely have any such infrastructure as it is mostly a storage place but in fact, in today’s date, a warehouse needs a lot of equipment and a level of infrastructure to be successful.

The most complex and expensive infrastructure can be found in cold storage and airtight containers. These types of storage require some serious engineering to work. Without the right type of infrastructure, some goods from many companies might not last and perish. This would be the result of the poor infrastructure of the warehouse.

Moreover a very common problem these days is the ability to bridge the gap between the trucks and the dock or the warehouse floor. Mostly the sheer weight of the goods can not be handled by manual labor so equipment like Pioneer dock levelers is a necessity in most warehouses. Thus it is important to know the exact requirements of your clients and you should also be capable of fulfilling those requirements.


The marketing of a warehouse seems like quite a farfetched idea but it is also of the utmost importance. The marketing of such avenues is not done on social media platforms but are advertised in business groups and business sites.

Marketing for such places is also done by pitching to managers of factories and companies directly. Since there would be limited factories that would want to use your warehouse in your locality it becomes much easier to target them. Another way to get clients to rent out your warehouse is to do a market survey.

Companies sometimes also need to find warehouses in other cities where their goods are transported. If you can patch yourself up with a distributor of a specific commodity then you could easily offer up your space for the storage of goods coming from out of the station.

In this business, it is better to know the right people to talk to, and to target these companies you would need to hire an experienced person for the marketing.


Opposite contrary belief, there is a lot of upkeep required at the warehouse. The movement of goods within the warehouse can sometimes make a lot of mess. This mess needs to be cleaned up as it becomes a perfect breeding ground for rodents and other insects that might damage the goods. A warehouse is supposed to be cleaned regularly.

At times there are chemicals being stored in your warehouse that might leave behind a trail of chemicals and foul odors. You would need to find a neutralizing agent to deal with such hazards. Also, there is certain upkeep required of the structure and other components of the infrastructure for the warehouse to serve its purpose in an ideal manner.

Warehouses are a good option for business and if run properly these simple storages can make you wealthy in no time. Just like other types of businesses, warehouses also have their own set of challenges.

In order to run your warehouse business successfully, you have to not only overcome these challenges but also have to make regular improvements. Go through this article to get some basic and also detailed ideas about how to run and set this business up for success.

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