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China Cake Brand Introduction

From ancient times to the present, human beings have never given up the pursuit of food.

With the development of the times, the cake has gradually integrated into our lives, it is no longer exclusive to the aristocracy, applicable to more and more occasions, from weddings to small afternoon tea, almost no one can refuse it.

Therefore, although the cake is not considered a necessity of life, it is definitely a spice of life. People use rich imagination and high baking skills to give cakes from taste to visual deliciousness, no matter what time of the day, our attention is always attracted by the beautiful window displays in cake stores.

If you want to have a cake that suits your taste, you need to know about simple cakes. This is an introduction to Chinese cake store chains. If you are in China, or if you are going to send a cake to China, I think this article will be of great help to you.


Holiland is a well-known brand in China’s baking industry, with nearly 1,000 directly operated chain stores in more than 70 large and medium-sized cities in China, and is considered a household name.

The core of its competition is the chain system of cakes and bakeries and the production system of moon cakes and other packaged foods.

Holiland mainly produces and operates cakes, bread, and dumplings, and has won excellent market performance with quality products and services. if you like cakes and you arrive in China Holiland is a very good choice. Recommended: chicken cake, macaroon, flower cake, doughnut, etc.

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GANSO is a famous cake brand in China, it was founded in Taiwan, China. It also has branches in mainland China, and with Shanghai as its base of operation, GANSO has more than 600 stores in 53 cities.

GANSO’s tagline emphasis on product development, always following the healthy concept of low sugar, low fat, juicy, multi-fiber, and fresh.

It also lives up to its original intention of operation, developing healthier and tastier cakes for customers, and is well known and well known in the Chinese market. We recommend it to everyone. MUCH cake, mousse cake, fresh milk cake.



Wedome is a famous bakery food chain brand in China, it mainly deals with medium and high-end cakes, bread, coffee, Chinese and Western snacks, moon cakes, dumplings, etc. After decades of development, it has found more than 300 directly operated chain stores in China.

Although there is a gap between the number of chain stores and the above two, Welcome has won the favor of consumers with its rich and high-quality products, civilian prices, friendly service, and convenient chain stores. Editor’s recommendation Tiramisu, cheesecake.



21Cake is a professional food group specializing in cake research and development, production, and sales, creating a one-stop service from product development, and production to sales and distribution. It is positioned as a high-end brand cake supplier, unlike the brands introduced earlier.

21Cake actively cooperates with well-known enterprises in China and helps corporate users to realize professional services such as customer relationship maintenance, employee welfare care, and business event celebration by providing a series of comprehensive support services such as personalized cake cards, easy ordering on IT platform, and free home delivery in eight major cities.

The practice of precisely targeting consumers brings 21Cake huge profits and reduces the competitive pressure on the company itself. Don’t worry, 21Cake also has services to face individual consumers. Recommended Cheesecake.



Lecake is a well-known Chinese Internet cake brand, a B2C e-commerce company focusing on the research, development, production, distribution, and sales of high-end cakes and food products.” le cake” translates to “the only cake” in French, and the name of the store is enough to show the operator’s dedication.

the le cake started early on the Internet and has won the hearts of Chinese consumers with its professionalism. Recommended: Cheesecake, Tiramisu. For space reasons, this is all about cake chains.

Most of the above-mentioned Chinese cake chains are located in the north of China, so the stores are mostly located in the northern cities of China, and slightly less distributed in the south of China. The above is the introduction of the cake chain stores for you, I hope it can help you and wish you a happy life.

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