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Car Repair Kits and Spare Tyres – All You Need to Know

Over the past few decades, UAE roads have become quite dangerous. We all are familiar with a scenario that flat tires incident could happen anytime, and it usually occurs when you don’t expect it.

At some point, every driver experiences this situation in their motoring life.

Because of it, changing wheels is the second biggest reason that customers call Pitstop Arabia out. According to the latest statistics, drivers suffer a puncture on average every 44,000 miles or five years.

Now, how do you know if your tire has a puncture and needs repairing? There are certain ways by you can get to know that you have got a tire puncture. These includes:

  • Feeling vibrations in the steering wheel
  • The steering gets unmanageable or less responsive
  • The car becomes uncontrollable, pulling to the left or right

In these situations, you might feel frustrated that you lost time, waiting for help if you don’t know how to change your tires? First of all, you don’t need to panic or be confused in such circumstances. Neither you need to call out a mechanic on an urgent basis. Changing or repairing a tire is the easiest thing you can do.


In order to deal with such cases, some car assets are designed to help drivers regain mobility. It saves drivers money by not calling roadside assistance to tow their car and take it to the nearest tire technician. Some ways through which you can repair your tires are:

  • Compact Spare Tires
  • Full-size matching spare tires
  • Tyre repair kit

In this blog, we will take you through the basics of spare tires and auto repair kits. Discuss how to use it? So, you will be ready if the time comes.

Compact Spare Tyres for an Emergency Fix

Compact Spare Tyres

The temporary or spare tires are also known as Compact Spare Tyres. They are light in weight and helps in saving your day whenever an emergency occurs. The reason behind these emergencies is usually because the replacement is needed, which could be when tires go flat or have a blown-out.

The biggest advantage of using these tires is, it is compact, and saves space in your trunk as it is located in its lower part. Due to its small size, it lacks the same properties as your fitted full-size online tyres.

Because of it, there comes a limitation in driving on a spare tire. You can only drive your car for a certain number of kilometers and at lower speeds. These tires need to be often checked as your everyday tires. Some things to pin-point about spare tires are the following:

  • Check the air pressure of spare tires regularly, and ensure that it is inflated.
  • In case of an emergency, you can cover 80 miles with 80 kilometers per hour speed to reach the nearest tire technician.
  • Car owner’s having spare tires in the trunk can save their money and time in choosing one of their needs.

Full-size Matching Spare Tires for Long-time Solution

Long-time Solution

Full-size spare tires are just like the other tires on your vehicle. It could be of the same size, same brand, or a different brand as other vehicle wheels. For any flat tire scenario, having these tires means that you have a fifth tire that you can use for a long-term solution. Usually integrated into the wheels rotation pattern from the beginning.

The biggest problem in using full-size spare wheels is that it requires space for storage. It also needs proper rotation so that it can be wear at the same rate as your other tires. The main advantage of using it is that if an emergency happens, you will always have a normal tire ready to go.

How to Use Spare Wheels?

  1. First, take out the spare wheel, jack, and tools. Then take the instruction manual, read it, and locate the car’s jacking point. The instruction manual may also define how to change the car tires?
  2. Check if your handbrake is fully engaged and the car is in gear. If yes, then raise the car by placing the jack beneath the tires at the jacking point. After its placement, start rotating the jack’s handle in a clockwise direction.
  3. Once the tire you are changing has raised up, remove the trim that covers the wheel nuts. After that, use a wrench, and the special key if your car has locking wheel nuts, to completely remove them.
  4. Now you would be able to remove the punctured wheel and replace it with the spare wheels. Be careful while replacing because the car wheel is quite heavier.
  5. Then attach the wheel nuts again and lower the car to the ground. When the car tires touch the ground, tighten up the nuts diagonally. It means to tighten the first nut, then the third one, after that move to the fifth, second, and finally towards the fourth one.

Quick Temporary Tyre Repair Kit

If your car has punctured tires, and you wanted to fix it quickly, then a tire repair kit is the best useable option in that situation. It takes less space than full-size or spare tires and can be applied to a punctured tire without having to replace it with the new one. A repair kit will help you get back on the road so you can have a proper repair at a workshop. It consists of:

  • Sealant
  • Compressor
  • Speed limit sticker

If your car tire is punctured, make sure 

  • You parked your car in a safe place
  • You turned off the engine.
  • Turn on the hazard lights.
  • Ensure that your handbrake is on.

Quick Temporary tire repair kits will only solve your problem temporarily and are great for repairing small holes and even re-inflating a tire. They work by pumping a sealant in its air inflation valve.

How to Use Wheel Repair Kit?

  1. Remove the dust cap from your punctured tire.
  2. Attach a bottle of sealant to the tire valve.
  3. After that, attach the compressor to the sealant.
  4. Attach the compressor with the 12V charger.
  5. Turn on the engine and wait for 10-15 minutes. After waiting, the tire should be inflated.
  6. Remove the compressor and the bottle of sealant, and replace the dust cap.

Final Thoughts, To be honest, nobody knows what is going to happen next. In order to, avoid experiencing punctured tires, check the tire’s tread depth and inflation level regularly.

Avoid driving on potholes, dirt tracks, and poor-conditioned roads. Make sure you keep the repair kit with you every time. So, if anything happens you are prepared to deal with it. If you need any help get in touch with a car repair & servicing online services provider.

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