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Children’s Clothing Fabric How to Buy?

Children’s skin is very delicate, so the requirements for clothing fabrics are relatively higher.

Soft, comfortable and breathable are the basic requirements. So how to buy children’s fabric? Let’s learn about it. (Wholesale Kid Clothes)

As we all know, children are lively and active in nature, and there is no awareness of protecting clothes, so the cloth of children’s clothes should also be considered durable and strong; The comfort of the fabric is also an important consideration.

First, Pure Cotton Fabric is a Good Choice

Because the clothes cling to the skin, there is friction between the two. In this way, the moisture absorption of the cloth is good and the air permeability is good. Cotton cloth can satisfy this need. Especially the children wear sportswear, but also to consider the requirements of these aspects.

The advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics :(usually containing more than 95% of the composition of cotton is called “pure cotton”)

  • Advantages: strong moisture absorption, good dyeing performance, soft feel, comfortable to wear, will not produce static electricity, good air permeability, sensitive, plain appearance, not moth-eaten, firm and durable, easy to clean.
  • Disadvantages: large shrinkage rate, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, poor shape retention of clothing, easy to mold, there will be a slight fading phenomenon, no acid resistance.

Second, Scientific Selection of Materials, Do Not Choose Chemical Fiber Fabrics for Children

Static electricity is produced when the skin rubs against clothes and between clothes during movement. Static electricity has a strong effect of dust absorption, both damage to clothes, and affect health. And when the static voltage is high to a certain extent, electrostatic sparks will be generated.

Although the current is low and there is no danger, the materials of synthetic fabrics can make children uncomfortable and fearful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Fiber Fabrics :(It is a kind of textile with fiber made from high molecular compound as raw material)

  • Advantages: bright color, soft texture, drape crisp, smooth and comfortable
  • Disadvantages: wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, air permeability is poor, easy to deform when heat, and easy to generate static electricity. Although it can be used to make all kinds of children’s clothes, but the overall grade is not high, difficult to ascend to elegance.

Three, Pay Attention to the Stimulating Effect of Clothing Materials on the Skin

Clothing materials in the processing and dyeing process, with a number of chemical substances, these chemicals may irritate the skin to cause allergic dermatitis, eczema and irritant allergic reaction.

When selecting materials, you can smell them. If there is a noticeable pungent odor, be on the alert.

Generally underwear, socks, baby cloth pads should be used with organic mercury, organic tin, phenolic and other compounds as health processing agents, these chemicals on the skin may produce weak stimulation reaction and contact allergic reactions.

One tip: Buy clothes, soak them in water for a few hours, and then rinse them twice with clean water. This will not only remove the chemicals that remain on the garment, but also make the underwear softer and more comfortable, preventing skin irritation and mechanical wear.

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