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Cruise Ship Knowledge You Should Note as a Manager

When you have been working in a specific industry or doing the same job for a couple of years, you might think that you know everything about said sector or employment.

However, as individuals, we should always be open to learning new things and expand our knowledge, especially when it comes to our profession.

Today, we will discuss some secrets that you should know as a manager on a cruise ship. Keep these things in mind before hiring more employees from a POEA accredited manning agency.

You should Learn the Secret Cruise Language

There is no formal secret cruise language, but a lot of employees use some code to communicate with each other. For example, “30-30” only means that a crew is calling on the maintenance to clean up some mess. If you hear an employee yell “Alpha,” it means that a medical emergency is present in a specific area.

Other terms that you might notice are” Kilo,” which means that they are calling all personnel to report to an emergency post, “Bravo,” which means that there is a fire in an area, and “Echo,” which means that the ship is drifting away.

These codes are used to avoid inducing panic in cruise ship guests. You will most probably learn about these codes in training, so make sure to brush up on them regularly.

A Kind of “Manager Guide Book” Exists

This detail isn’t formally followed and does not occur on every cruise ship, but some managers tend to keep a guide book of sorts about the most common questions that guests ask.

As a manager, you should learn how to answer typical questions promptly. This guide book will make it more manageable for you to answer every question. Consider adding more questions and answers so that you can pass it on to the next manager on duty.

Most Cruise Ship Guests Eat the Same Thing

Now, this information still depends on the nationalities of the people who are on board. For example, Americans are more keen on eating chicken breast, eggs, and wine, while Chinese passengers love eating seafood, sliced fruit, and rice.

That is why you should know the percentage of the people or nationalities that are on board. Make sure to know what they want and to order enough when you stock the ship’s supplies.

You can Expect Romance within the Crew

Most cruise ships have their employees sign a ten-month contract, wherein you can expect not to have a day off at all. That means that there is a bigger chance of getting burnt out, which is why the management encourages their crew to find love on the ship.

Doing this will keep them a lot more motivated and driven during their contract, as when a person is in love, they tend to be inspired. If you have been a manager at a cruise ship before, you most likely have seen or experienced it firsthand.

There are a lot of secrets that you will know and discover as you go on. Always be observant and ask your cruise staff about it so that you will be well aware of your surroundings and your work environment.

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