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Eyebrow Shaping Tips for COSPLAY Makeup

You know what? In general, eyebrow trimming is a critical step before applying makeup.

Especially in cosplay makeup, if you need a makeup artist to do your makeup, the makeup artist will ask the cosplayer to fix the eyebrows. Since the shape of a cosplayer’s eyebrows often differs from the character’s, most frequent cosplayers will shave off the back part of their eyebrows in order to create a different style of the eyebrow.

However, this would require them to draw their eyebrows every day, or else they would scare passersby when they go out. For the average person, we don’t usually advocate this, so here are some eyebrow trimming tips for the average person to help you out.

Tools: eyebrow pliers, small tweezers, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, mirror, small scissors, skin astringent, moisturizer, and a small cotton ball.

Main Steps of Eyebrow Trimming.

Eyebrow shaping is a highly skilled technique that requires both skill and care in order to achieve the desired shape. This will generally involve six steps.

1. Clean the Eyebrows.

This removes powder and dander. Next, use a small cotton ball soaked in alcohol or skin astringent and gently rub into and around the eyebrows for a deeper clean. After cleaning, I suggest you cover your brows with a cotton ball moistened with warm water or a hot towel to loosen the hairs and facilitate subsequent shaping.

2. Determine the Shape of Your Eyebrows

You can use the eyebrow pencil to draw your own eyebrow shape. Any hairs that remain outside the contour of your eyebrows are superfluous and can be shaved off with the eyebrow trimming tool. (The eyebrow pencil must be clear, so you can see the general range of the pencil, or it will be troublesome to clean it).

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3. Adjust the Length of the Eyebrows

Trim the long eyebrows that grow vertically downward to a suitable length, leaving shorter hairs at the slightest part of the eyebrow. From the middle to the tip of the eyebrow, it should not be cut too short, except for bad shapes. The shape of the eyebrows will be much more natural this way.

4. Shape the Eyebrows

Use eyebrow pliers to pluck off the excess hairs one by one to get the desired shape of eyebrows. To ease the pain of plucking your eyebrows, apply some moisturizer before you pluck your eyebrows. To pluck the eyebrows, pull the skin around the eyebrows tightly, one by one, in the direction of the eyebrow growth, outward or upward.

5. Use a Razor to Remove Stray Hairs From the Eyebrows

After plucking these hairs, gently pat the skin in and around the eyebrows with a skin astringent to reduce the pores of the skin.

6. Brush Your Brows with a Small Brush

After trimming, gently brush your brows with a small brush to keep them in their natural position. Now, eyebrow trimming is not that difficult.

Eyebrow shaping can change a person’s temperament and is easy to do on a daily basis. If you are too afraid to do it yourself, you can also choose to go to a beauty store and get help from a professional eyebrow shaper.

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