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Facing a Sluggish Mac? Here are the Solutions to Boost It

Imagine you are working on an important presentation. Out of the blue, your device hangs up, and after some time, it suddenly shuts down.

How does it make you feel? Frustrated, right? And what if you have a device like a Mac? You become extra cautious.

After all, it is not wrong to say that owning a Mac is a class. But what could be the reasons behind its slow performance? Let us find this first!

Why is your system running slow?

  • It could be an outdated operating system.
  • Multiple activities persisting in the background.
  • Something as serious as a threat or a virus.

There could be numerous reasons. But what can you do on your part to make its performance efficient? Scroll down a little bit and get all the answers.

Update the Device

When was the last time you updated your system? If it has been quite some time, then this is the high time to do it. Each update brings something new which is beneficial for the performance of your Mac.

Tried updating it, but it is not working? These could be the reasons:-

  • Bad wi-fi connection: Bad wifi connection could be the reason why your Mac is not updating properly. For this, turn off the wifi and turn it on again. Look if there is any macOS update and hit the “upgrade” button.
  • Not having enough disk space: To check the available disk space, choose the Apple menu, click on “About this Mac,” and then go to “storage.” This will get you the blueprint of the available storage, and you can select what things you want to remove from your system.

Activity monitor

Pay attention to the Activity Monitor. This will give you an idea of how your device is running. Check out the Central processing unit and memory columns. Here you will recognize the applications that are demanding a lot from your laptop. If you find any of these applications, just eliminate that app.

Eliminate Space-Wasting Items

We have seen that you can know about the storage in “about this Mac.” But there is more to it. Select “Manage”. Here you will witness more information and also app-specific recommendations. Choose the “Recommendations” item. You will get the ways to delete the space-wasting items from your system that can include:-

  • iCloud – Store all the photos and videos in iCloud. This will empty a lot of space on your system.
  • Optimize storage – Enabling this feature will automatically delete the iTunes movies and TV shows that you have already watched. If your device is low on storage, this feature will let only email attachments to store.

Limit the Visuals

Macs are known for their visuals. To speed up the performance of the sluggish system, you can turn off the visual effects and animations. All you need to do is:-

  • Go to the “apple menu” and choose “system preferences.”
  • Choose accessibility.
  • Now, go to the “display” category and check reduce transparency.


Whether you are using your device personally or professionally, it should work at an appropriate pace. A good speed can make all your tasks smooth, and it saves time also. Hence, opt for the necessary measures and boost its pace.

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