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Freehold Industrial Property at Khopoli

Khopoli, in the Khalapur taluka district of Raigad, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, at the foot of the Sahyadri mountains, is an industrial area.

The Patalganga River, which is the Tata Hydroelectric Power Station tailrace channel, flows through Khopoli. It is also located about 80 km south of Mumbai, on NH 4[6][7].

Khopoli is situated approximately 80 km away from Pune. Khopoli is considered to be situated between Mumbai and Pune, with both cities around the same distance from each other.

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Because of the region’s strategic significance, the industries are built as the Mumbai – Pune national highway passes through the district.

Owing to the number of waterfall attractions seen in the rainy season, the city is regarded as a town of waterfalls. Cities have drawn migrants from states across India due to the presence of industries.

In the past few years, the tourism industry has flourished in the city. A state of opportunity-Maharashtra catering not only to the domestic industries but also to MNCs.

It is a major world leader & one of the world’s most chosen states of all industrialists. The state has been the greatest contributor to the nation’s economy. Due to unlimited benefits, industrial status is favored.

It is a council of the municipality and is part of the Metropolitan Area of Mumbai. The Municipal Council of Khopoli occupies an area of 30 km2. Khopoli is served by a railway station that is linked by a single line from Karjat to the Mumbai suburban railway.

Khopoli Freehold Industrial Area has located about 80 Km near NH-4 (Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Highway). The chosen steel hub of India comes from Mumbai in Khalapur Taluka of Raigad District.

In the Industrial Zone, the Maharashtra Government has declared Khopoli-Pen Road, Khopoli-Patalganga Road, and Khopoli-Pali Road. Initially, a single platform for the up-and-down movement of local trains was used at Khopoli railway station.

In 2019, Khopoli station was upgraded with an additional platform in the Central railway system for the up-and-down movement of local trains. The distance from CST to Khopoli is 114.24 km along the Suburban Central Railway Line, a broad-gauge line that carries electric locomotives.

The Khopoli Freehold Industrial Area is about 80 km near NH-4. It is one of India’s chosen steel hubs from Mumbai in Khalapur Taluka of Raigad District. Khopoli Freehold Industrial Area has become a favored Freehold Industrial Area for its excellent location on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, proximity to JNPT Port, and low land prices.

The Industrial Area of Khopoli Freehold has basic facilities such as electricity, water and highways, street lights, drainage pipes, an MSEB substation, and a telephone exchange. Popular Facility Centers are available (Fire Stations, Hospitals, and Schools).

The Khopoli Industrial Property is there. In the Khopoli Freehold Industrial Sector, industrial activities such as steel engineering, food processing, chemistry, pharmaceutical & packaging are predominant. Also, there have logistics park facilities for different businesses.

Maharashtra is India’s wealthiest state and India’s second-most populous state, so Maharashtra itself certainly absorbs a greater portion of its production directly or indirectly.

Khopoli Freehold Industrial Area has become a very common Freehold Industrial Area for large and medium-sized industries, particularly for steel, because of its excellent position on the Mumbai-Pune express highway, proximity to the JNPT Port, and low land prices.

On the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway is the Khopoli Industrial District. NH-4 Mumbai-The highway from Bangalore also passes through Khopoli. It has good road and rail connectivity. Mumbai is the nearest airport and JNPT is the nearest port.

 A well-developed power supply infrastructure, four international and seven domestic airports, two main, and 53 smaller ports. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, India’s largest port for container traffic. Via 18 national highways, the state is well connected to its six neighboring states and other parts of India.

The Leasehold & Freehold Industrial Land district of Raigad has both. Due to the availability of industrial infrastructural facilities such as electricity, water, highways, manpower & telecommunications facilities, Raigad Industrial Area comes under one of the primary preferences of entrepreneurs. There is no CETP in Khopoli.

Industries have developed their own ETP effluent treatment plants. Strong residential accommodation is available in Khopoli for employees and managerial staff. In Navi Mumbai or Mumbai, senior management and directors choose to stay.

As Morbe Dam, Pavana Dam & Patalganga River take care of the demand of the industries, there is no water scarcity. There is freehold land in Khopoli Private industrial area.

Some of the well-known companies are Alta Laboratories Limited, Bohler-Uddeholm India Limited, Bombay Oxygen Limited, Government Milk Scheme, Khopoli, India Steel Works Limited, Bright Bar Division, Innovassynth Technologies Limited, Isibars Limited, Special Steels Division, Mahindra Sanyo Pvt Ltd, Mohan Rockey Spring Water Breweries Limited, Paper & Pulp Conversions Ltd (PAPCO), SANPlast PVT LTD Limited, Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company Limited, Tata steel BSL, Wärtsilä India Limited, Wheelabrator Alloy Castings Limited, Zenith Steel Pipes Limited.

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