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Healthcare App Development Trends in 2024

Tech innovations are giving organizations new opportunities to grow. They are helping entrepreneurs to develop a user-friendly business solution that matches their business needs. Not only business owners but, it is also serving global consumers to fulfill their requirements with a couple of clicks. The healthcare industry is also constantly changing markets.

As per research the market for the digital healthcare sector will reportedly be worth $509.2 Billion by 2025. People are becoming more concerned about health and fitness. The COVID-19 outbreak has shown all of us that the healthcare industry needs to be more productive and focused to deal with sudden serious situations and transform to face the new normal.

So, if you’re willing to capitalize in the healthcare industry then developing a mobile app is an expert choice. In this article, you will come to know the latest healthcare apps, trends, and features.

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Types and Unique Features of Healthcare App:-

I have categorized health apps into five parts:-

Healthy Living Apps-

Overview: These applications allow users to measure their calories, daily footsteps, intake of water, heartbeat rate, sleeping time duration, and many more. Based on the analysis or tracked data it also provides a suggested diet plan to the user.

Features: Including basic features like sign-up, booking an appointment, search, chatbots, and so on, these applications also offer advanced features like real-time tracking and many more. As per your desired functionalities, your want in your app, and features differ.

Productivity Apps-

Overview: In the current scenario where people are searching a lot related to healthy diet plans and healthcare staff, productivity and mental wellness go hand in hand. These apps simplify your task and allow you to focus on other work to get everything done timely. It saves your time in so many ways.

Features: The implementation of times and reminders are the core feature of such mobile applications. Mobile app development companies are performing extremely well by applying such versatile features to enhance business productivity.

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Clinical Reference Apps-

Overview: Such applications are beneficial for patients who rely on daily medication or for those who need immediate medical consultation or guidance. It provides access to the E&M coding, ICD-9, ICD-10, and other particular reference materials.

Features: The advanced feature of such mobile applications is the integration of flexible payment options. The users can easily buy guides, and manuals using quick payment options.

Remote Monitoring Apps-

Overview:  We are aware that every health condition is not the same, sometimes patients need quick assistance to get relief, and they cannot go to the clinic or wait for their number to meet the doctor. To deal with such situations remote monitoring via an on-demand mobile app is the best solution for doctors and patients as well.

It helps doctors to track their patient’s health status oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose readings, and many more. It offers major benefits to patients as they do not need to invest time in the hospital’s queue.

Features: It offers a smart feature which is an electronic health recorder. It records the patient’s health that can be easily accessible by their doctor.

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Clinical and Diagnostic Apps-

Overview: It allows doctors to accumulate, evaluate, and share their patient’s data. They can easily track their patients’ health updates, view test results, and continue the treatment accordingly.


Geolocation and activity tracking is the key features available in this application. It keeps the latest records of the patient’s health. By analyzing the patient’s real-time health updates doctors can suggest the required medicine, dose, or exercise accordingly.

All, the features of such mobile applications vary as per the specifications, But, below are some basic features of a healthcare mobile app that is supported by almost all types of healthcare mobile applications.

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Few Common Features For Healthcare Mobile Apps

  • Sign up – It asks users for some details like mobile numbers, and email addresses to register themselves in order to take benefit of the app. This feature aims to get a record of visitors to your applications.
  • Search– The users can find their desired options or search for the specialized doctor they want to get a consultation with like a dentist, gynecologist, and so on.
  • Appointment– users can fix an appointment with the doctors in a particular time slot just at their fingertips. With the availability of calendars and time slots, users can select the one he/she wants.
  • Chatbots- It allows users to get 24*7 assistance anytime, anywhere. It enables users to send messages to the doctors in case they are not clear about doses or diet plans they can directly ask their doctors anytime they want via direct messaging.
  • Pill/Exercise reminder- It keeps on reminding patients to take their medicines on time if they forgot about taking them due to their busy schedules. 
  • Rating- It enables patients to look for the best healthcare experts. Also helps to provide feedback regarding the service and features of the application.

Now that you know the types and features of health apps, let us discuss the latest development trends.

Key Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends

Cloud solutions for healthcare app development- All the Electronic Health Records and Medical Records can be gathered on the cloud platform. From this storage, it becomes very easy for doctors to access, share, or verify data anytime they need it.

AI in Healthcare-  Artificial Intelligence is playing a lead role in the revolution of the healthcare industry. It enabled self-examination for individuals as they can measure their medical status and manage their daily routine and healthy lifestyle.

Distribution channels like Health Insurance Company- If you are offering your customer distribution channels like HIC then it is seen that patients are more likely to share their medical records to avail of the necessary medical assistance.

Big Data & Analytics-  It allows both patients and doctors to collect important information. It enables easy handling of bulk amounts of data and provides recommendations and suggestions based on data analysis and data insights. It also predicts and diagnoses the effective treatment to give immediate relief to patients.

Blockchain & Healthcare App Development- Blockchain is predicted to be extensively used in healthcare development due to its immensely secure system.

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So we came to the end of our discussion and I hope you find this article informative and get you a clear understanding of the types, features, and trends of healthcare apps. You can hire an experienced mobile app development company to get a highly customized mobile application with all the required features.

Hiring a firm will connect you with coding enthusiasts and certified tech ninjas who are experts in delivering quality products. Don’t delay to reap benefits before it’s too late. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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