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How Do Businesses Use Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook is a great business platform where multiple international brands flourish their business by creating brand awareness among millions of people.

But there are small businesses, too, marketing their business on Facebook and getting some outstanding results.

Facebook is a social platform where profiles and pages succeed through popularity. Many hilarious profiles become popular overnight; some profiles take small steps and grow bigger.

If you want to market your business on Facebook, then you need to get noticed. In this article, I will tell you how businesses use Facebook for marketing.

Big Businesses That Use Facebook for Marketing

Since most people use Facebook for daily social media activities, you might wonder that Facebook may not be a good marketing platform. But Facebook has proven itself as a marketing tool to many brands throughout the world. Here are some examples-

  • Coca-cola has 47.6 million likes.
  • Starbucks has 31.3 million likes.
  • Red Bull has 29.6 million.
  • And Oreo has 27.6 million likes.

These brands are product-based brands and are very popular among people across the world. These brands are using Facebook’s marketing tool to the fullest of their potential.

Facebook is still the largest social media platform because of its popularity. And you can start using Facebook for marketing by opening a Facebook business page. If you are having trouble opening a Facebook page, follow these steps.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

  1. First, you need to have a personal Facebook account. Create a Facebook account if you do not have an existing one. Now log into your account and go to the blue toolbar and look for the option ‘create.’
  2. Clicking on ‘Create’ will show you a Menu where you need to select Page. Clicking on Page will get your page started.
  3. Now choose the category of your page. You can opt for “Business or Brand,” or you can choose “Community & Public Figure.”
  4. Inform Facebook about your business. Fill out the business information section with highlights of your business traits. Choose a business category to explain best the products or services that your business provides. To run the business smoothly on facebook, you have to protect your FB account. You can manage it properly so that no one can hack Facebook.
  5. Upload profile and cover photos to your page. You can use your business logo or any picture representative of your business.
  6. You should not skip the last step, which is inviting friends to like your page. Inviting people to like the page is very crucial because that is the sole purpose you are on Facebook.

How to Use Facebook for Marketing?

So you are done setting up your Facebook business page. Now you need to learn the effective ways to get that PagePage rolling through thousands of Facebook users’ feeds. I am here to help you with some practical and actionable tips to use your business page to the fullest of its potential.

Be Friendly

Facebook is a fun social media site where people relax, chat with friends, and watch funny videos and memes. You should try to engage in conversations and be friendly with your page’s followers. Being friendly will build a fanbase for your PagePage and help your PagePage spread gradually.

Stay updated with what people are talking about on Facebook if you want to grab the public interest for your page. Implement popular trends or funny viral memes in your marketing posts in a creative way. People love to share memes on Facebook, so create meme posts that do the marketing while entertaining your followers.

Reply & Respond

Facebook users tend to be very personal. So, if you have a large follower base, keep in touch with some of them. For example, you can reply to the top 50 comments. The audience will love it if you reply. And as a result, they will engage more, creating brand awareness for your business.

Advertising Through Posts

You can advertise your products, latest offers, and limited edition products, and lottery contests through direct video posts or photo posts. This is really a great way to market your business.

Facebook Ads & Monetization

Facebook allows ads on posts. This is a good strategy to market your business. You can monetize your PagePage and get ads included within your Facebook video posts as well. Facebook puts these ads during your video streams and also in between or at the end of your video.

Giveaway Contests

Facebook allows you to host contests befitting your business. You can host contests using third-party apps then invite your Facebook followers to participate. And if you are giving away some of your products, people are sure to participate. After all, who does not like giveaways? Right?


Business marketing platforms are easily available nowadays. Facebook, among them, is the easiest one to use, and it also gives you the chance to reach a lot of people.

I am sure you already use other platforms for marketing. But do not skip Facebook. Hopefully, my article has already given you some idea to get started with Facebook marketing. Be sure to share your thoughts.

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