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How to Motivate Your Workers in 2024

Keeping your workers happy and motivated is a key objective of any manager. You know that staff work harder and are more productive when they’re happy and comfortable in their roles and that it’s your job to make them feel this way.

As such, knowing the different ways in which you can keep your staff motivated is an important aspect of your managerial career.

In this guide, we’ll touch upon just four of these methods, to help you make the most of your workers’ time, and to make your workers feel delighted to put in a shift for your company.

Employee Gifts

Gifting something to your employees is never going to go down badly. It’s something you can always turn to if words aren’t enough to express your gratitude for the period of hard work they’ve put in up to now.

If you’re into gift-giving, you’ll find all you need for inspiration on, a merchandising firm that specializes in employee gift ideas. By giving gifts every few months, you’ll be showing your staff that hard work pays – in rewards, perks, and other items that your workers will treasure. 


For over a decade, targets have been seen by managers as something of a silver bullet for lethargic and unproductive teams. Setting targets isn’t about waggling a stick in the direction of those who aren’t pulling their weight, though in extreme circumstances this can be a good strategy.

Rather, it’s about displaying the carrot: rewards if your staff meets certain thresholds you set for success. Whether you’re setting your sales team a target for the number of purchases made in a month, or your customer success team a target for how satisfied customers are after dealing with your firm, a target with a reward once it is realized can be hugely motivating for staff. 

Promotions and Pay Rises

When you’re managing a team, there are methods to manage everyone at once, such as setting targets. There are also ways to manage each person individually, and that’s through pay rises and promotions for those who have worked particularly hard for you.

If staff recognize that those who are working harder than them are being rewarded with a higher wage or a more senior position, they may well decide to match that successful colleague’s work ethic. In turn, that’ll pull everyone’s motivation and productivity up. 


For many staff members who are plugging away at the same job for weeks on end, it can be difficult to see where exactly they’re creating value for the business. They end up feeling like a widget in a machine, without any understanding of how their hard work is paying off.

As such, it’s smart for managers to find ways in which to put each worker’s effort into context. If someone’s worked on a particular project for months, let them know how their effort has impacted the performance of your entire company.

It’ll help them understand that their toil does have a positive impact and that you celebrate that contribution. 

Motivate your workers with the above methods to keep them happy and productive in 2024.

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