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9 Must-Have Interior Upgrades for Your Daily Driven Vehicle

Your daily driver may not make jaws drop on the track, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of love. Upgrading your vehicle gives you the premium ride you deserve while showing your beauty just how much you love it.

You can easily add form and function with these upgrades, which are sure to turn heads in your driveway or while running errands.

Rennline Exact Fit Phone Mount

Whether using GPS, listening to music, or checking the weather, your smartphone has become an essential part of driving. Yet, your car isn’t equipped to display it. A phone mount enables you to use your phone safely with both hands on the wheel. Of course, you can purchase so-called universal phone mounts, but they are often ugly and damaging to your car’s interior.

Enter Rennline’s ExactFit magnetic phone mounts for Bimmers (Audis, VWs, and Porsches). Each mount is designed explicitly for each car’s design, so they match your interior flawlessly and install securely with no damage. Because they’re magnetic, you never have to adjust the mount to fit your phone.

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Wireless Charging Station

If your daily driver isn’t doesn’t include a wireless charger, you can easily add one. Manufacturers like BMW make efficient and sleek wireless charging stations that charge any QI-compatible phone while you drive.

Several options include internal power banks, meaning you can take the wireless charger with you when you exit your vehicle to continue charging your phone. If you’re not a fan of manufacturer options, there are plenty of other options that fit snugly in your center console next to the cupholder

Bavsound Speakers

There’s no better place to enjoy your favorite music than in the confines of your vehicle. But if you’re an audiophile, you’re likely familiar with the limitations of most factory speakers. Fortunately, Bavsound has you covered when you need clearer, deeper, or punchier audio or all three! You can pick and choose from amps, subwoofers, and speakers to build the perfect kit for your BMW. Bavsound also offers options for Mini and Supra owners.

Bavsound sells each component separately, so you can start with the amp, for example, and continue to upgrade until your car’s sound system is a treat for your ears. In addition, plug-and-play components make installation simple and quick, leaving you with more time to enjoy your car’s upgraded sound system.

TMS Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Do you love everything about your BMW but the shifter? Then this upgrade is for you. While factory shifters can feel imprecise, especially as your car ages, Turner Motor Sports offers a replacement that upgrades your experience, even if you’re only going to the grocery store.

This adjustable short shift kit solves another problem of BMW’s factory shifters: they feel uncomfortably long. This pushes your arm and hand far back when shifting to fourth gear. As the name suggests, TMS makes a short shifter to solve this very problem. And if you’re a fan of the track, you’ll appreciate that you can quickly add the rally lever extension that places the shifter closer to the wheel when you need it.

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ZHP Shift Knob

In addition to replacing the entire shifter, consider ZHP’s shift knob. The leather knob complements the premium look of your BMW and the more comfortable length of a short shift. But it’s not all forms. The lower profile than the factory knob further reduces the height of the shifter. Best of all, it easily pops into place without the need for any hardware!

Illuminated Door Sills

Look no further than the company that made your car for this sleek but unobtrusive upgrade. BMW promises installation in just 20 minutes with no need to touch wiring. Battery-powered LEDs inset into the stainless steel panels light up the logo whenever you open the door, making it easier to enter and exit your car. Sills are available in regular and M-series styles.

VDO Head Unit

Why settle for less than the best when you’ve put so much time and care into your car? If you need AUX or USB input, VDO has head units with both options. Plus, with a community of dedicated VDO fans, you’ll find ideas for modding your head unit or retrofitting head units to use in other BMW models. 

OBD2 Scanner

OBD2 diagnostic tools connect to your car’s OBD2 engine to read error codes, helping you troubleshoot issues with your vehicle. Spending a bit of money on an OBD2 scanner can save you a lot in the long run, especially when you can do the work yourself.

Modern scanners work with apps on your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, but traditional corded scanners are still an option, too. Not every scanner includes repair reports, oil resets, or transmission diagnostics, so keep that in mind when comparing options.

Procar Seats

Procar makes some of the most highly reviewed seats for premium cars. The company’s multiple lines include several options for drivers and passengers, with and without headrests.

Check out the Pro-90 series if you want to evoke the feeling of vintage muscle cars. Consider the Elite Lumbar, which pairs an adjustable seat for premium lumbar support with the sporty look your Bimmer demands for a more modern look. It’s comfortable enough for daily use, too.

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