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Key Benefits of Installing a Dust Collection System

It is important to invest in your commercial complex. These systems are specially designed to ensure that the place is free of dust.

In any commercial space like a manufacturing unit,  dirt, dust, debris, gases, and chemical particulates are floating in the air.

Factories and industries need to install dust collectors to ensure a healthy atmosphere for the employers. To keep all these problems at bay and your workplace free from damaging effects, it is important to invest in a good dust collection system.

There are several other benefits of installing a dust collector in your place, and we have discussed the same with you.

Why Do You Need A Dust Collection System?

  1. Ensure a safe workplace- For every company owner, the workplace must be free from dirt or debris. The presence of such particles in the air can damage health effects, creating a poor workplace environment. Having a dust collector system in your place will ensure that the air is free from any pollutants by collecting the dust and dirt at the workplace.
  2. Ensures better work productivity- Another reason that makes a dust collector system mandatory is that it also impacts work productivity. The dust collected in the machines reduces the durability of the machines. The collectors collect the dust, other particles pulled from the machine ensuring a long life for the machines.
  3. Increases the life of the equipment- Yes, another benefit of the dust collection system is that it also impacts the life of the equipment. Deposition of dust can adversely impact the functioning of the machines and other equipment. Hence, it is recommended that one always have a dust-free environment where you can place this equipment.
  4. Meet the compliances- Another benefit of the dust collection system is that you will keep up with the standard compliances mentioned by the authority. Most states have a legal penalty for companies that don’t have a dust collection system, and factory dust collectors ensure that you comply with government regulations.
  5. Fire Suppression- When the concentration of gas and dust goes high, there is a risk of fire. With a dust collector system that comes with a spark arrestor, the probability of fire is reduced. The dust collection system is continuously moving, thus preventing the situation from getting hazardous.
  6. Explosion– Dust explosions were very common in wood workshops, which can be dangerous for the people working out there. Hence it becomes important to invest in the dust collector system. Since the dust collector system keeps on moving continuously, it prevents the dust from collecting, thus reducing the chances of dust explosion.
  7. Odour reduction–  Another benefit of the dust collector system is that it also keeps the environment free from any odour. Since the dust collector system is continuously functioning.  This keeps the place free from odorous contaminants and removes the moisture keeping the space dry.

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Places Where a Dust Collection System is a Must

A dust collection system is mandatory for any of the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Cement
  • Clean-room applications
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Glasswork
  • Lumber/wood
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Metal and other fabrication
  • Medical
  • Minerals manufacturing
  • Paint
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Warehouses
  • Welding

There are different types of dust collector systems available in the market. When you have to choose the one that best matches your requirement. You must closely assess what you are looking for and then start looking for the right dust collection system. Some of the popular types of dust collector systems that are available in the market are:

  1. Shakeable dust collector
  2. Portable dust collector
  3. cyclone dust collector
  4. baghouse dust collector
  5. wet scrubber dust collector

Now you know about the details of the dust collector system, so if you have still not installed one, it is time to invest in the best dust collector.

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