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What to Look for in Marketing Agency Management Software

Does running your marketing agency seem like a struggle? In an effort to keep clients satisfied, many agencies pile obstacles and frustrations on their own plates by working with unrealistic demands and timelines. 

Nevertheless, such roadblocks can be eliminated by using the right management software. These programs assist marketing agencies in managing their workloads, improving communication, and facilitating the collaboration process. Such systems facilitate the organization of work processes and keep everyone in the loop.

In a nutshell, agency management software makes these businesses scalable and streamlined. 

These are the most important aspects to look for in such software. 

Dynamic Forms

The first thing to look for in marketing agency management software is dynamic forms. No matter how eager a team is to get started on a new project for a client, it cannot do so in the absence of enough resources and directions. Although the project intake is the primary step in the process, obtaining the right information in the early project stages can be incredibly difficult. 

Nevertheless, work management software can make the process much easier with structured intake forms that encourage clients to collect the necessary details in the early project stages. For instance, the intake forms of Wrike allow marketing agencies to ask mandatory questions, which cannot be skipped by clients. Check out the five stages of a project. 

Moreover, marketing agencies can incorporate different question types to personalize the experience for clients. By selecting a certain project type from the very beginning, clients will be provided with questions that can be tailored to the choice they have made, thus not working through unnecessary prompts.

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Customizable Workflows

Another important thing to look for in marketing agency management software is customizable workflows. Since all the clients have different requirements, your agency should tailor the approach for each client. While templates can be used where possible, there should be some room left for customization to make clients feel much more valued. 

Furthermore, the software chosen by your agency should provide enough flexibility to adapt to the processes of your team. The software isn’t supposed to dictate your workflows and force you to look for alternative solutions. It should adapt to your interests instead of your adapting to its strict rules. Make sure the chosen software offers custom workflows that enable teams to determine and track their work progress.

Seamless Communication

The following aspect to consider when choosing marketing agency management software is seamless communication between businesses and their clients. One of the largest obstacles in agency-client relationships is communication. The right software is expected to boost the transparency between agencies and clients in order for everyone to be able to provide feedback, share ideas, and discuss work. 

The best management software solutions make sure communication is centralized in a single platform for individuals to stop digging through old emails in search of the latest information. There is a myriad of marketing agency management tools whose aim is to improve communication. The best ones allow employees to mention other team members or add clients to the conversations to ensure everyone is up-to-date.  

Real-time Reports

Another crucial aspect of marketing agency management software is real-time reporting. It’s essential for clients to see that you are producing great work for them, as otherwise, they might have doubts about your value. It often happens for a long time period to pass before teams deliver something to clients. Consequently, they may wonder whether you are producing anything.

Fortunately, software programs can generate reports based on real-time insights. Hence, you can inform clients about the exact time amount you spend on given requests. Being able to answer the questions of your clients will make your agency more valuable and respected in their eyes. 

Collaborative Editing

Another software feature of great assistance to marketing agencies is collaborative editing. The editing process might become a huge burden for teams. Files and comments keep on changing, meaning some team members might be left to deal with outdated project versions. More importantly, edit requests may get missed, which in turn makes clients frustrated. 

Therefore, you should look for software that facilitates the collaboration of numerous people on a given document by being able to offer suggested changes. Users should be able to markup documents and see the changes that each one of them has made to the documents. It’s absolutely important for all revisions to be managed in a single place prior to sending the project back to clients. 

A user-friendly Interface

The following feature to look for in management software for marketing firms is an attractive interface, which is incredibly user-friendly. The majority of people working for your firm aren’t probably as tech-savvy as code writers. Therefore, they shouldn’t work in a boring digital environment that’s challenging to work in. 

The ideal software should be easy to use and understand. It should make sense to teams instead of making their workdays miserable. Make sure the design resembles Google Workspace so as for teams to be familiar with it. 

Profitability Tracking

Another helpful feature to look for in a management software program is profitability tracking of clients. Agencies should be aware of which customers are increasing their revenue as opposed to those reducing their revenue. Such reporting is useful in clarifying the relationships that are worth to be built and those that should be let go. You will be pointed in the right direction to take advantage of the most lucrative markets. 

Budget and Margin Tracking in Real-time

Marketing projects are relatively challenging to manage, as teams often change their scopes to address the incoming requests of clients. Therefore, agencies should be alerted when projects fail to go in the same direction as estimates. It’s crucial to keep track of your budget in the past months and understand its effect on the margin. 

To Sum Up

The only way to reap the benefits of such systems is by finding a solution that fits your team and unique business needs!

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