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9 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car Mats

Your car mats might not be something that you give a great deal of thought to, but they can do a very important job when it comes to keeping your vehicle in good condition.

They can be put through a lot and suffer huge amounts of wear and tear as part of their job in keeping your carpets pristine, so the time will eventually come when they can take no more and it is time to invest in some new ones.

So, how do you know that you need to replace your car mats? We have put together a list of some of the most common signs so that you know when the time is right for some new car mats for your car.

1. Things start getting in the way

Your car mats are something that you should generally never notice, so if you are noticing them, it might be because there is a problem. If you have found that they are impeding the brake, clutch, or acceleration pedals then you need to look at removing them straight away.

It could be because they have become bent or folded, or something is causing them to warp, but if they are getting in the way of the pedals then they are causing a huge safety concern and should be taken out of the vehicle immediately to avoid an accident.

2. They move around

Most car mats are fixed into place using poppers, Velcro, or eyelets. If you have noticed that they are moving around when you get in and out of the car, then it could be a sign that the fixing mechanism is broken.

This can be a safety concern for the driver as it has the potential to get in the way of the pedals while you are driving, but it can also be a hazard for passengers who run the risk of slipping or tripping when entering or exiting the car.

3. A lifting heel pad

The heel pad of your car mats can be put under a lot of pressure, as this is a high-use area. If you notice that it is starting to lift, then you need to look at getting a new one.  This can start to catch on the heel of your shoe and cause you a problem while you are driving so it is best to make the switch as soon as possible.

4. Things are starting to smell

If there is a less-than-pleasant odor starting to appear in your car, then it might be time to remove your car mats. Things such as dirt, debris, and water can build up, and if your car mats are not regularly removed and cleaned, this can create a nasty build of stuff that will eventually start to rot and smell. This smell can seem almost impossible to get rid of once it occurs, so it is probably best to throw those mats out and start again.

5. Mould is appearing

Mold can also begin to appear when moisture becomes trapped in or beneath your car mats. This is not only unpleasant but can also present a health risk to anyone in the car. Mold can release spores into the atmosphere which can be responsible for triggering allergic and asthmatic reactions for you and your passengers. If you notice signs of mold or find that people in your car are coughing or wheezing, it might be a sign that you need some new mats.

6. You are selling your car

When you sell your car, you would it to look at its best. Some new car mats can really help to refresh the interior of your car, getting it looking as good as new, which can then help you to get the best price when you make your sale.

7. Heavy-duty use

If you find that you are going to be putting your car through a lot more than normal, your car mats might need an upgrade. Whether it is about to be used in a commercial setting or you are going to find yourself out and about camping or hiking, you will find that your mats can start to look tired very quickly. This is a great time to invest in some heavy-duty rubber car mats which are extremely durable and easy to clean, offering your car the ultimate protection.

8. You need to cover a greater area

Universal car mats can be a cheap and cheerful option, but they often do not cover the full area that you need them to. This can leave the carpets of your car exposed, meaning that the mats are not really fit for purpose.

If this is something that you have noticed, then look to invest in some car mats which are designed to fit the exact specifications of your make, model, and year of car. That way you will know that they will cover the maximum amount of carpet with a beautifully snug fit and no risk of them slipping or sliding.

9. Your mats are damaged

You might have noticed that your mats have a hole or rip in them, or that they are becoming frayed around the edges. This can be a hazard to your driving and can also mean that the carpet underneath is not being properly protected. In addition to this, it can make the car look scruffy and give it the appearance of not being looked after, so it is probably time for a change.

Your car mats are meant to go unnoticed, so if they are starting to get your attention, it is probably for the wrong reasons. Your car mats are there to protect you and your car, so if they are no longer doing their job properly then it can lead to unnecessary wear and tear as well as the dangerous risk of them impeding your driving. It is therefore important to look out for the signs and know when it is time to change your mats.

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