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8 Small Business Ideas for Social Media Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of 9-5 and planning to start something of your own? I know it’s scary but here are 8 Small Business Ideas For Social Media Entrepreneurs.

Ever suffered from this dilemma where you just want to leave your 9-5 and start your own business? Because of Touche!

We have all been there at least once. However, if you are one of those bold souls who actually went forth with the decision then it is a good thing that you have stumbled across this article.

I will be mentioning 8 small business ideas for social media entrepreneurs that will be the easiest to launch with effortless accessibility to initial resources for launching.

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Become A ‘Self-Made’ with These Business Ideas

These are business ideas that will take fewer resources and have more ROI. They are also evaluated keeping the current pandemic in mind.

1. Graphic Designer

If you are a tech-savvy person who can easily turn their imaginations into infographics. This is a hot-selling online business idea, especially after the pandemic when everything is happening digitally. Hence, companies have been in need of skilled graphic designers.

The best part about this business is that you don’t have to spend any physical resources. The only cost involved is building an alluring website and if you want to excel in your skill through an online course.

The advertisement is free! With all your social media apps.

2. Customized Printed Products

This e-commerce business never goes out of style!

People love to feel unique and with your one-of-a-kind products that will be reaching their doorstep, they will be feeling that joy.

Gifting is also a part of everyday life so your online business for Customizing printed products on coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other items has the potential no short of excelling with flying colors.

On top of that if you are an artist you already have an upper hand as you will be delivering unique art on their products.

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3. Phone Case Covers

This is also a type of customized product business but with a niche subject. According to this year’s estimation, we have seen a total of 6,378 million smartphone users. So, the subject might be niche but not your target audience.

If you can put your artistic ability to play along with your social media marketing geniuses together then this can be the apt route for you to take off. Advertisement for this business is again free. Use all your platforms including Tumbler, Reddit and Pinterest, TikTok to find your buyers.

You can also post behind the scenes of your business to give your customers a personal and humanized view of your business. This has managed to be a very important tool in the last two years for small businesses.

The only drawback is that you will need a fair amount of resources which can take a toll on your pocket until the business grows.

4. Start a Podcast

72% of adults in the USA listen to podcasts daily. Especially after the advent of the Pandemic people have found solace in hearing other people’s voices for that emotional touch.

This is an amazing idea! You can start a podcast on the pandemic itself. Give people the virtual feel of being a part of a conversation that they have been so direly missing in the past two years.

If you love talking and have ample thoughts you would want the whole world to hear this can be the perfect blend of passion and work for you.

Yes, this might not make you money initially but with the correct social media promotion, you can acquire listeners every day. Once it takes off you will start getting sponsors which will mark the beginning of your income.

5. Publish Your Own Book

I know, in the world of social media this seems like an outdated idea.

Who buys books now?

If you are left wondering this then the answer is ‘many’. However, if social media is your forte then you can totally opt for this. 

Even if all the bookstores are closed, it hasn’t stopped bookworms from downloading their favorite E-books.

If a quill is your weapon and you are quite the wordsmith then open your laptop and start writing that first chapter of the next bestseller.

The best part about this business is that your competent skill to pen down words is your prominent resource. It helps you to make a brand.

6. Life/Career Coach

Needless to say, the state of the world is not in a good condition right now. What people need right now is a voice of motivation and a supporter who can carry them out meticulously through this difficult time.

Every day people are faltering and don’t know how to navigate their life or their career choices. Therefore, if you are an extroverted soul who can not only hold their hand but also formulate a foolproof plan then this is the perfect business start for you.

You will help them out of this tough time and put their life back on track.

Other than the capital spent to make an attractive website your skills will be your only resource required.

Life/Carrier Coaching as a Profession is not as old as it seems. The concept of coaching people on their mindset, purpose, relationships, and other areas that don’t necessarily relate to the business started around the 1980s. You need to invest some time to find the best Life Coaches for Your Life and Business.

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7. Online Bakery

The pandemic has shown us that anything can be sold online.

While your offline bakery might not get many customers, remember there are no numerical restrictions for your customers in the virtual medium.

If making sweet delights is your passion, start an online bakery and deliver a piece of that sweetness to everyone to brighten up their bad day.

The resource is again a challenge but if your desserts are heavenly the ROI will be touching the sky too.

9. Online Thrift Store 

If you are specifically a thrift-store shopaholic you have probably bought so many of them now.

I mean, I get it! With a price who can resist?

But, if your closet is already overflowing with them, it might be time to get rid of a few of them.

Yes, it is a little difficult. No shopaholic likes getting rid of clothes but with those high-fashion items, you can make some good business deals. Therefore, something that can bring you money can’t possibly be disheartening.

The most compelling part is, all your initial resources are already bought!

Now, once you start getting orders the only costs that will be involved are the shipping and delivery.

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To All the Novice Entrepreneurs

Launching one’s own business takes courage. Not to mention the patience and determination you have to acquire throughout. If social media is going to be a weapon there aren’t basic tools you can put into the launch of your business.

Also, read Hootsuite, How To Use Social Media As A Small Business. Failures are an inevitable part of starting anything. There will be nights of impatience and discouragement but the key is to persevere through all the challenges and learn every day.

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