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Things to Consider Before Buying Pallet Racks

There is an estimated 7.4 % growth in the market for pallet racking systems, to reach a value of $7 trillion by the year 2026. The racking system mostly serves the warehouses as they are the entities with the sole purpose of storage.

Pallet racking systems provide one of the most efficient ways of handling materials through faster location, movement, and issuing of goods.

But how does a pallet rack look? Well, it is a system of vertical and upright frames with horizontal beams for supporting palletized materials. The stands vary in size, the material used, and shape.

If you have a warehouse, the installation of racks might be the next big thing on your mind. But are you ready for it? Keep reading to find answers to some of the questions you may have.

What is the Purpose of the Racks?

Well, it may seem obvious that the purpose of buying racks is storage. However, you need to know there are other functions in which pallet racks can help you. Material handling and distribution, for instance, become more manageable with a proper pallet racking system.

Besides, you need to consider if the type of goods you are dealing with are easy to handle using the pallet racking system in case storage is your primary concern.

What Components Does the Racking System Have?

The pallet rack is of two types. First, are the roll-formed racks, and second are structured racks. The roll-formed pallets sell the most in the material handling sector. It allows easy installation due to its teardrop form.

The pallets are on horizontal beams, held in position using mounting clips. Structured pallets have horizontal beams attached to the vertical frames using bolts to allow more weight capacity.

What is the Capacity of the Racks?

You need to know the maximum weight of the load to place on the pallet rack. Manufacturers provide frames of different capacities to allow customers to select what suits them. The ideal thing is to go for the high-capacity racks compared to your load size.

It is safer to have the capacity over than it being below the required level. However, going for the highest capacity racks when the extent of your products and their weight are low will only make you overspend unnecessarily.

How Much Space Do You Have at the Warehouse?

The amount of space at the warehouse will direct you toward the number of racks, their shape, and their size to buy. You should not pick pallets whose shape will not fit appropriately with the warehouse layout. Various layout options are available; thus, check and choose appropriately.

Do You Need Expert Assistance?

The process may appear technical and a bit challenging to you. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are in a position to make the right decisions alone. In case of doubts, consider getting experts to help you in selecting the ideal racks based on your needs and the space at your warehouse.

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Is Pallet Racking the Best Storage System?

Pallet racking is among the leading storage systems utilized in warehouses, although other methods are also in use. Its suitability depends on your needs.

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