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Tips for Young Drivers to Drive on the Highway

You might be really excited to drive a vehicle for the first time in your life. Driving can be fun when you know how to drive a vehicle properly. In order to do so, you need a significant amount of practice and self-confidence.

However, there is a difference between driving a personal vehicle and a commercial vehicle. Although, there is less difference in the method of driving there are different sets of rules applied to commercial drivers.

For example, commercial drivers have to maintain different speed limits as compared to personal vehicle drivers. However, there are some actions that are supposed to be followed by both sets of drivers and they are

Avoid Changing Lanes without Signals

Changing lanes has been observed to be one of the root causes of accidents on highways. Therefore, before you intend to move to the next lane check through the mirrors and have a quick view of your side window.

Besides, make it a point to show a sign or signal to the other road users about your intentions so that they can take adequate precautions (if any) before you make the move.

Avoid Tailgating

Driving extremely close to the vehicle ahead can be dangerous. It can be hazardous not only to you but also to the vehicle in front of you. It becomes really tricky to make a sudden halt when you are extremely near to the vehicle in front of you.

Therefore, while driving your vehicle constantly keep a check on the distance between your and the vehicle ahead of you. One technique is to keep a tab on the number of seconds the vehicle ahead you take to reach a particular spot and then count the seconds you take to reach the same spot. If the weather outside is wet, then the time should be increased by four seconds.

Avoid Driving in the Middle of the Road

Driving in the middle of the road can be extremely dangerous for you. The main reason for this is that the middle of the road is utilized to overtake slower-moving vehicles on the left-hand side of the lane.

If the left-hand lane appears to be empty then you should shift to that lane but avoid driving in the center lane on the highways.

Heavy Vehicles should Avoid Outside Lane

Ideally and also legally, heavy vehicles are not permitted to drive on the outside lane of all three lanes. The main reason for this is that due to its size heavy vehicles tend to move at a speed of approximately 60 miles an hour.

Therefore, driving them incorrectly on the highways can be fatal and also result in pile-ups. Besides, you must always check your heavy vehicle before you start your trip in order to avoid an unexpected breakdown in the middle of the highway.

You can get in touch with a good company which can offer you timely and efficient services. You can find out more about them through their websites or existing clients.

Inadequate Observations and Signalling

You might have heard the saying-precaution is better than cure. Similarly, it is wise to check whether or not it is safe to move ahead while entering the highway. There are many cars that pass by and move across to the middle lane. Some vehicles tend to slow down and make way for you (not everyone is considerate enough to do so).

It is important to note these signs and understand them at the right moment. Additionally, it is equally essential to give correct signals about your intentions so that they understand what your next move is.  

Using your Phones

Technology is not only a boon but also a curse. People are engrossed and addicted to their phones to an extent that they carry them to washrooms as well. However, it is wise to keep your phone aside, especially while driving.

Using a phone while driving can be dangerous for you and the passengers riding with you as well as vehicles around you. Phones are a great source of distraction and can divert your mind from the road which could land you in serious trouble.

There are several countries that have a ban on using phones while driving and they charge fines if citizens are caught using them while driving.

Lastly, it is important to keep a check on your speed limits so that you do not cross the bracket and unknowingly break any legal norms.

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