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Top 5 Compact SUVs Under Ten Lakhs in India 2023

Either you are buying a car, or you’re a motor enthusiast, that’s why you are here. In Indian cities, ten lakhs is the standard budget to own a car these days.

This is why this segment has become extra competitive for car manufacturers because the concept of SUVs is more popular than ever.

As new brands like MG, Kia, and Citroen are entering the Indian market with feature-loaded cars, the existing companies are finding new ways to up their models’ standards to stay in the spotlight. However, it is a delight to see the fast-paced growth in the Indian car industry. So 10 Lakhs, hmm! Let’s explore compact SUVs in this budget.

1. Kia Seltos – The car that established the credentials of a new brand

Seltos is the debut model from Kia that stole the show in the mid-range SUV segment. Well, this car has the gaze that can dominate the established car models/ brands.

Kia Seltos

Appearance: The signature tiger-nose grille is the DNA of every KIA car. The chrome touch on the grille, lots of detailings like elongated DRLs across the tiger nose, sculpted tailgate, and the SUV muscles around the exterior make the car look swanky. Yah! This car sets an “Oh! I wish this was mine” expression on other car owners when you get past them.

Interior: Everything you touch inside the cabin has a premium feel to it; you will not find any hard scratchy plastic. Everything is either leather-finished or soft-touch plastic. Features? Fully loaded- Bose sound system, wireless phone charging, tactile buttons, cool seats, in-cabin AQI measurement, 8-inch touchscreen infotainment systems, and voice connectivity are just a few to mention.

Drive: It’s a very balanced car and surefooted with 16-17” alloy wheels. The handling is agile, and the comfort from a rational suspension is just right. The engine capacity range is from 1353-1497 CC, depending on the variants. The variants come with a 6-speed manual as well as automatic transmission.

Price: INR 9.89 lakhs onwards

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2. Kia Sonet – Lives up to the slogan “Movement that inspires”

When Kia Seltos hit a home run with a massive number of sales in the Indian car market, the company smacked the compact SUV segment with a mini Seltos- the Sonet; yes, it is the younger sibling of the car we discussed above.

Appearance: This car is compact, bold, and charismatic. It carries the signature tiger-nose grille, only in a more aggressive way. The macho headlamps, muscular sidelines, sculpted bonnet, and wrap-around C-pillar are just enough to create a decent road presence.

Interior: Inside, this car has leatherette upholstery with soft-touch plastic that feels plush and gives a competitive edge over the rival car models. It includes standard features like a connected car facility, wireless phone charging, touch screen infotainment system, Bose sound system, etc.

Drive: The Sonet blows its rivals away with multiple drives and traction modes. This offers two petrol and one diesel engine variant that you can choose from. Avg. Mileage is 19 km/L. The engine and suspension refinement just add to the ride quality.

Price: INR 6.79 lakhs onwards

3. Hyundai Venue – #WhenYouLoveToExplore

The Venue is the kick-off to Hyundai’s remarkable SUV lineup. Before the launch of this car, Hyundai was often treated as an underdog in the compact SUV segment. Now with this model, Hyundai is hot under the collar fighting with rivals.

Hyundai Venue

Appearance: The sleeky front with chiseled surfaces and sharp edges certainly appeals to the young and the trendy. The cascading front grille and the headlights follow the latest Hyundai design philosophy. The chunky design vibes around the SUV. The angular facets merge into the wheel arches and give the car a firm stand.

Interior: According to Hyundai, The name VENUE means a place to be for people. The interior of this car matches this statement. The moment you up the car’s windows, it’s quiet; the insulation instantly cuts down the cabin noise. Apart from the standard load of features, this car is equipped with the Blue Link that includes 33 connected features: you can start or stop the car remotely, find the car location, and precool the cabin before stepping inside just by a click of a button on your phone, worth it, right?

Drive: With a smooth clutch and a light precise steering wheel, the muscular car becomes easy to maneuver; thus, it becomes a very well-behaved car for the city commute. The communicative braking system is an added advantage. The torque range of the car variants is from 114 to 240 Nm. This car comes with three engine variants, two petrol, and one diesel.

Price: INR 6.67 lakhs onwards

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4. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza – The power to be wicked

This car is from our very own carmaker Maruti. This car was launched in the year 2016. It has been five years that this is in the market and is the top seller in the compact SUV segment (14 cars per hour, believe us!) without any major updates. Yes, this is people’s trust in the brand, Maruti Suzuki!

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Appearance: The Vitara Brezza had been flaunting the same design for the last five years, though it got a recent facelift, and people love it.

Interior: Now, the infotainment system comes equipped with smart play, the new interface from Maruti. The cabin is nice, roomy, wide, and very comfortable for the rear passengers. It includes standard features like automatic climate control, cruise control, android/apple car play, etc., But it’s not a connected car like its rivals. The cabin has a nice vibe to it with some grey highlights; however, one may find it a little plasticky.

Drive: This car is reasonably quick and powerful. You can just check the YouTube videos where Brezza is defeating cars of upper segments in drag races and even rescuing a tractor with a trolly. The clutch and gearbox combo in the manual transmission variant of Brezza is a charm to use; it also comes with an automatic transmission variant which is a mild hybrid.

Price: INR 7.39 lakhs onwards

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5. Tata Nexon – The Homegrown Hero #NextLevel

TATA Motors! Yes, they are into a different ball game altogether. Nexon is the car that helped TATA motors to get their mojo back. They have branded Nexon as “The Level Next SUV, with best-in-class power.”

Tata Nexon

Appearance: Nexon got a facelift and an upgraded look in 2020 after its launch in 2017. Tri-arrow DRLs, a higher bonnet, a larger-looking nose, signature ceramic highlights along the sides and back, coupe-like c-pillars, union-jack tail lights, and sculpted muscular body lines are enough to grab the eyeballs of the bat. Sheer road presence is guaranteed.

Interior: The tri-arrow design DNA continues inside the cabin. The gloss-finished dashboard with a flat-bottom steering wheel makes the inside sporty. It is loaded with standard features with some unique tech like Xpress Cooling. The space-efficient design makes the rear seats quite inviting. And it’s a connected car.

Drive: Take it on a long drive, keep the throttle in the mid-range rpm, and feel! Hill-start assists, roll-over mitigation, traction control, ESC, ABS, and driving modes like Eco/City/Sports, etc make the life of the driver easier.

Price: INR 7.09 lakhs onwards

You may buy any of the cars that suit your pockets and appeal to your desire. But that will not be the end. Here is the list of things you must have when you buy a car:

  1. Car Insurance Policy: A third-party liability insurance policy is a must-buy when you want to put your vehicle on the road. The mode of purchase can be online or offline, which depends on the buyer. But buying car insurance online is easy, time-saving, less expensive, and paperless in this tech-savvy world. Whatever mode you choose, buying a policy is a must.

    Keep a copy of the insurance in your car; you may need it when the officers ask for it.

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  1. Tool-Kit: You should go on a ride with a tool-kit. Connect with your car and understand how best you can fix it when something goes wrong. It is your baby and you need to take care of it.
  2. Tire Pressure Gauge: Know how much air has leaked from the tire in no time. Keep this tire pressure gauge to check the status of the tires.
  3. Duct Tapes: This is an emergency savior when there is a leakage, breakage, or cracks in the car.
  4. First-Aid Kit: Who knows when you would suddenly need a first-aid kit? Keep one handy in the car because that is for your safety.
  5. Pollution Certificate: Get your vehicle’s health checked and see that you do not contribute to polluting the environment. Keep a pollution certificate in your car.

A car may be your necessity, but these things are essential while you drive a vehicle. Safety comes first, not just yours but of others as well. Drive safe!

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