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Top 7 Writing Apps for Serious Content Creators

Writing is a way of expressing your emotions. Be it blogs, tweets, poetry, story or any other form of writing, each piece of art deserves to be read. Many of us know how to express ourselves, and thus can write a masterpiece.

While some people prefer to write on paper as it is natural for them. For others, using a computer is much more comfortable.

If you are a content creator and are looking for the best tools to create your piece, here are the top 7 apps you can use for a better writing experience:

1) Grammarly

This is one of the best tools available to make your writing journey an easier one. The essential feature tools are free to use. It automatically checks for spelling errors, grammatical errors, and even punctuational errors. It also checks for errors in sentence structures, and misused words, and also points out the unnecessary words that can be omitted.

It provides an explanation for every change that it suggests. It features a word count as well as a character count. Moreover, it can predict the time it will take to read or speak out the article. Be sure to use Grammarly to make your item error-free.

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2) Unicheck

Every writer wants to deliver unique and fresh content. But we never know when someone else may have a similar written piece. Unicheck is used to check the internet for avoiding plagiarism. Unicheck plagiarism checker compares the content of your article with various websites.

It provides a list of similarities: the sentences available on different web pages, which are similar to the ones written by you, along with their sources and the match percentage. It also highlights the citations and references used. Use Unicheck for plagiarism-free work.

3) Prowritingaid

It features real-time error checking. Or you can disable it and check the article when it’s complete. It also features a thesaurus, which suggests replacements for nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. It notifies you of the overused words and phrases, and even checks for repeated words in the article.

It also displays the lengths of various sentences with the help of visual representation. It also checks for various other features such as pronouns, alliteration, diction, and homonym. It will also check your document for plagiarism. Therefore, it is one of the best tools available for writing.

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4) Focuswriter

This is the best app if you want to have a distraction-free writing experience. With its hide-away interface and customizable background themes, you can comfortably concentrate on writing. However, it is not suited for editing purposes. You can set goals either by a word count or a time limit. You can also set alarms to trigger after some amount of time.

This helps to keep track of time without wasting it and to focus by continually looking at the clock. It is available for every significant Operating System out there. You can give it a try if you want to experience a simple, comfortable way of writing.

5) Draft

Are you one of those people who are never satisfied with whatever you write, and keep making changes to improve it? This is usually what most people do. But sometimes the original idea or writing was much better, and we forget what it was, and regret changing it.

If so, then the draft can help you. It keeps a record of every modification that you make and highlights it. It drafts a copy every time you make a change to the earlier one and displays it. It highlights the modification, thus making it easier to locate them, and whether you discard them or keep them is up to you.

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 6) MS Word

It is one of the oldest software available for writing. In the latest version, a lot of new features have been introduced. With the ability to fully customize your article, MS Word also provides spelling and grammatical error checks. It also provides a thesaurus. It even provides the feature to insert images, tables, and even Word Arts into your documents.

With a collection of designs, you can decorate your document to make it look more attractive. This is the most commonly used document creator/editor used around the world. Try its amazing features and feel comfortable in writing.

7) Canva

This is for the people who want to decorate their writing and make it look more attractive and appealing. It has a variety of themes available according to different needs. You will find templates for a range of products like infographics, invitations, brochures, resumes, and reports among a lot more others.

Choose a design from the available ones, or make a custom one according to your needs. Remember that attractive documents always have better chances of attracting people.


By using any of the above tools, you will have excellent writing experience. Plus, tools like Grammarly and Prowritingaid will help you identify and correct mistakes quickly, while Canva will give your document a finishing touch. I hope that you experience joy in writing, and may your feelings reach out to the audience.

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