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A Top Rated Veterinary Plan for All Pets

It’s no secret that pet insurance can have its fair share of continuous debate. This of course is a result of its pros and cons outweighing each other depending on where you and your pet(s) are standing.

While traditional policies prevalent in most pet insurance packages can bode well with one-pet-owners, it’s not so much for people with multiple pets. The said policies are particularly not so welcoming for owners whose pets have long-term or pre-existing conditions.

Take a dog owner for instance. Of course, it’s a good thing that man’s best friend is exactly that, a loving and wonderful companion. That said, keep in mind that dogs can surely be expensive.

Primarily, food is the most notable expense that most dog owners face. An expense that can be particularly substantial for big dog owners. Also, grooming, training, and boarding may sound like casual activities until you realize that they too can stretch your budget through the roof.

With all the aforementioned bills fresh in mind, you must already know that a single visit to the vet can mean spending hundreds of dollars when or if your beloved canine is seriously ill or injured. This can leave you in quite a tough spot. That is unless you have a stash of cash stashed somewhere in your home or an empty credit card lying around on some shelf.

In extreme cases, you may even have to, and this is saddening to say, have your dog euthanized if only to ease the suffering if you are unable to afford the necessary treatment.

THANKFULLY, there are a number of pet insurance options and veterinary discount programs that exist to help resolve such an arduous conundrum. And while most if not all of these plans are grounded on the same core principle, they may vary in small bits. As you may have guessed, those small bits have a direct connection to what makes some plans better and more helpful than others.

One of the most popular of these veterinary plans, and our outright favorite, is Pet Assure!

For many, this is not an unpredictable choice. In truth, it might be the only pet plan you may ever need to know. If you are curious about such high praise and could do with some justification, you won’t wait long to find out.

Here, we break down everything you need to know about Pet Assure.

Pet Assure: The Veterinary Discount Plan

By and large, Pet Assure is a veterinary discount plan which covers nearly every type of medical procedure for any animal. Contrary to pet insurance, which maintains non-negotiables that customarily include deductibles, all while excluding vital medical procedures and medical conditions, Pet Assure covers every type of pet, regardless of their age and pre-existing conditions whether hereditary or otherwise.

Unsurprisingly, Pet Assure is affordable, offering rates on monthly or yearly pricing packages. Even better, their plans are not discriminatory to how many animals you own.
That means you will receive a multi-pet discount nonetheless. Additionally, if you wish to cancel your enrollment for whatever reason, the company is always willing to refund you the full monthly fees within the first 45 days of signing up, with zero questions asked.

How It Works

Pet Assure is one discount services program that is easy to use and as straightforward as they come. You pay a small monthly or yearly fee and enjoy discounted veterinary services in exchange. That arrangement alone takes Pet Assure out of the insurance company category.

Signing Up

The process of enrolling your pet online takes a few minutes. Upon signing up, you can print your discount card and start using it right away. Pet Assure follows up your enrollment by sending a card to your mailing address anywhere within the next ten days.

Before signing up, you can look up your ZIP code on the Pet Assure website to see whether your vet is a member of their discount plan. You can also get pricing advice based on your location and choose either their monthly or yearly payment at a discounted price.

25% Discount!

As a Pet Assure registered user, you immediately have access to their 25% OFF discount that applies to any medical procedure performed on your pet. This can be anything from routine vaccinations, dental cleaning, wellness checks, ultrasounds, parasite screenings, surgeries, emergency visits, and much more. Depending on the service your pet needs, this is one guaranteed way to save a LOT of money in the process.

If you thought for a second that 25% is not a good enough discount, let’s take a look at a quick example. According to the pet insurance comparison site PawlicyAdvisor, the average cost for a dental cleaning for dogs is in the region of $500! Apply the 25% discount and voila, your bill is instantly reduced to $376, saving you a huge $125 on the spot. Unlike traditional pet insurance plans, this price cut is applied upfront so you can say goodbye to filling out forms or waiting to be compensated at a later date.

Does The Plan Cover My Exotic Pet?

If you have a thing for exotic pets, be it turtles, rabbits, horses, sugar gliders or even llamas, you will feel right at home with Pet Assure as their plans safeguard any type of animal. Also, you will be glad to know that there is no limit on the number of times you use your Pet Assure card throughout the year.

Lost Pet Recovery Program

The team at Pet Assure understands that 90% of pets almost always get separated from their owners if they lack proper ID. With this fairly common problem serving as inspiration, Pet Assure saw fit to offer a lost pet recovery service known as The Pet Tag available with every membership.

The unique ID tag you receive for your dog or cat can be scanned to deliver your contact information through a smartphone. When your pet gets lost, the tag is used to reveal information that will help track your pet back to you.


By default, pet insurance plans may not match the flexibility that a Pet Assure plan can provide. And although you might pay a higher monthly amount based on your package, a Pet Assure plan ensures that you enjoy greater savings, especially if your pet needs complex medical procedures or expensive veterinary services.

Frankly, you only need to dig a little below the surface to compare the price you will spend with the plan in hand versus the amount you think you would spend on vets without it. In the end, when you finally acknowledge the peace of mind factor that the plan provides, you need not look any further for answers!

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