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Using Organizational Charts to Power Success (Infographic)

If you ever enter any establishment, company, or place that is run by several people, there are different jobs for all personnel and staff. If you are in a more prominent company, there are various departments for every task that needs to be done.

One of the tools that help executives figure out their members is organizational charts.

By definition, organizational charts are graphical representations of the hierarchal structure of an organization.  The primary purpose of having organizational charts is to illustrate the work relationship and chains of command between employees.

By looking at the organizational chart, one would have an idea of how an organization operates. Most of the time, the name and corporate position of a person are found at the bottom of their picture to know the name of the person and their role in the organization.

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If you are planning to make an organizational chart, the best applications that you can use are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  However, there is modern chart software that you can use. This software is often cloud-based, which means that each update can be automatically saved.

In the past, only members of the human resources department can update the organizational chart. Today, because of the availability of cloud-based organization chart software, more people in the office can update personnel information in real time. Anyone with access to the organizational chart can edit and update the table and not just HR.

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Digital organizational charts can add additional information like age, educational background, and employment history. Imagine going to a meeting, and all the necessary information about the people you are meeting with is at the tip of your fingertips. Organizational charts are also helpful to newly-hired employees.

Besides the essential functions, organizational charts can be used to have a more successful organization. This Nakisa infographic has everything you need to know in utilizing organizational charts for your benefit.

Using Organizational Charts to Power Success
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