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Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19?

Being able to resume operations after a complication or a disaster is a clear sign that a business is ready for almost anything. The COVID-19 pandemic kept many non-essential businesses from operating at peak efficiency since they had to close down or shift to a work-from-home setup.

Not all companies were ready for the COVID-19 pandemic as many had no experience handling remote employees and others lacked the necessary technologies to keep their operations running.

Many firms frequently had problems from sudden power outages that resulted in losing any ongoing work, and several others didn’t have secure backups.

Should an office be destroyed by fire, there is a significant chance that the company won’t be able to recover and continue its operations. One medium-sized firm went out of business after a fire gutted its office even though it had an onsite backup of floppy disks stored in a fireproof safe.

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Companies must invest in several technologies, including battery backups, local backups, online backups, antivirus software, laptops, and other hardware and software necessary for remote work to ensure that they can continue their operations.

The battery backup can let employees save their work and shut down the computer when a power outage occurs.  Online and local backups ensure that no data will be lost, and antivirus software provides a secure network.

Both online backups and antivirus can ensure that employees can continue working remotely without compromising data security. If firms have difficulties determining how they can be ready for events like the coronavirus pandemic or other disasters, then they can rely on reputable IT companies to help them.

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IT companies ensure that other businesses are sufficiently equipped with technologies that secure both the hardware and the network from anything that can disrupt work. The infographic here details how a company managed to be prepared for disasters like COVID-19 and continue operating from home. See the infographic to know how your business can be the same.

Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19?
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