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What is an Apartment Locator?

In the field of apartment renting, there are many jobs that require various skills. One of the most known of these professions is an apartment locator.

Apartment locators are a type of group, organization, or individuals that excels at finding new apartments based on different criteria and factors. Their process of finding a new apartment is different and special.

In their way of doing so, they first make a list of important points from their clients. Then they process each of the factors thoroughly.

Afterward, they filter out the neighborhoods that don’t contain the necessary environment and stuff for the tenant’s demand. Finally, they make a list of apartments by narrowing their search and suggest them to the client.

Earning and Fee

Now, how much hiring them will cost? The answer is literally zero. Yes, apartment locators take no money from you. They don’t even need to. They make a smart amount of money from the property owners as the locator bring new tenants to their apartments. You will be surprised to know that an apartment locator can earn as much as 50 thousand dollars per month.

Do They Work in a Group?

Whether they work in a group or alone, it depends on the preference of the locator. If the locator wants to earn the full payment by the landlords, then they work individually. But in that case, they need to handle everything themselves, including accounting management.

Meanwhile, to shorten the effort, they can work under a broker, which will give them a lot of advantages, including office spaces. The broker will handle the timely and hard stuff. However, the apartment locator will have to give the broker a percentage of their earnings.

What does it take to become an Apartment Locator?

The first task of being a locator is to get a real estate license. To be a professional apartment locator, one must pass some tests. Afterward, you are prepared for the job. But that is not all.

To become successful in the field, you will need plenty of knowledge of the real estate businesses and what different apartments and neighborhoods have to offer, including well-controlled traffics and safety.

Then it is time to choose whether you want to work alone or join a broker. The difference between these two factors is as mentioned above.

Where to Get an Apartment Locator?

Seeking help from an apartment locator is easy if you search in the proper place. The most commonplace for finding them will be from the internet.

Apartment locators mostly advertise their services on different social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also read reviews from tenants to know more about any certain apartment locator.


Whether you are a tenant looking for an apartment locator or someone who wants to join this profession, you can do both with ease. You must be patient as earning a smart amount as an apartment locator takes time.

Meanwhile, as a tenant, you got to be careful whether you are getting an ideal apartment locator or not.

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