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What is Assisted Living and Why Could it Be Helpful to You?

As you get older it is perfectly understandable that you might find that it is more of a struggle to carry out some regular daily activities.

Many people who find themselves facing this scenario will start to explore their options in order to find out whether it might be safer.

And more convenient to be in an environment where there is help when it is needed, but you still retain a good deal of independence.

You might find assisted living is the right option for you if you realize that you now need access to personal care services in order to help you with some aspects of your daily life but don’t need constant supervision or round-the-clock medical care.

Looking for the Warning Signs

It can be hard to accept that you might be experiencing some physical and mental changes as a result of the aging process but it is never a good idea to ignore some clear warning signs that you might need some help with certain aspects of your daily life.

If you are consistently skipping meals and the fridge is either empty or contains food that has gone past its best, these are just a couple of classic pointers that you might be struggling to cope with on your own.

If you notice that you are missing out on mealtimes because you find shopping for food or cooking too challenging that will have an impact on your health and general well-being.

Other noticeable changes that tend to suggest you might need some support include a noticeable change in your mood and feelings of depression, which can be triggered by loneliness.

It is never an easy scenario to come to terms with and most people who choose the option of assisted living tend to reject the idea when it is first suggested. You might be very worried about leaving familiar surroundings and that sense of vulnerability that comes with leaving what you know behind you is a difficult emotion to contend with.

The thought of losing your independence is clearly going to be hard to come to terms with but it is a perfectly normal reaction and talking to people you love and trust can help you to cope with the prospect.

You should be reassured to know that many people who take the step of moving to an assisted living facility get used to the change and embrace the positives after a period of adjustment.

Is an Assisted Living Facility the Right Option for You?

It is a big question that needs a period of time and due consideration before you can be sure that you know the correct answer.

What should help you decide whether this is the right option for you is to ask yourself a series of questions about your daily life. Your honest answer to each question should prove instructive in determining what your best care options are.

If you find that you need more help than your network of family and friends can realistically provide and aspects of daily life are making you feel stressed and overwhelmed, this would suggest that assisted living might be a viable solution.

Feeling a sense of loneliness and isolation in your own home is not good for your health and mental well-being and it could trigger a bout of depression. Ask yourself whether you have these feelings and whether you might be happier in a community environment where making friends and socializing will be easier.

Understanding what Assisted Living Offers

It is also highly relevant to have a good understanding of what to expect from an assisted living facility so that know what sort of solution it might be able to offer to your current dilemma.

Assisted living offers a residential solution for seniors who need an element of help with some regular activities associated with daily living, such as cooking meals and maintaining a good level of personal hygiene.

This residential option could be a good choice if you need access to a greater range of personal care services than you can get in your own home.

What you also get with an assisted living facility is the peace of mind that comes with living in an environment where you have access to 24-hour support as and when you need it. 

A fundamental point to bear in mind about assisted living is the fact that your privacy and sense of independence are of key importance and the care available is there for you on your terms.

You will discover that assisted living facilities differ slightly in how they are set up in terms of the facilities they offer. You could enjoy apartment-style living or the accommodation might be a converted home.

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However, the majority of assisted living homes offer a communal dining area and plenty of options for socializing.

Take Your Time Finding the Right Option

Once you have reached the decision that assisted living is the solution to your current needs you should take your time with your search so that you can find a facility that is just right for your preferences and particular needs.

You will quickly discover that there are many different assisted living facilities available and that can make the selection process a bit challenging. A good tip would be to focus on the residents and staff rather than the amenities as these will be the people you are going to get to know well when you move in.

Always try to explore the social areas and gauge whether there is a positive atmosphere that makes you feel that everyone enjoys being there. Trust your instincts when it comes to getting a feel for the place and make sure you ask all of the questions you want answers to when you are looking around.

If you are experiencing some problems coping with daily tasks in your own home it could be time to consider whether an assisted living option might prove to be a positive step in helping to improve and maintain the quality of life you desire.

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