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What to Do If You Faced an Accident?

An accident is always an unpleasant story that costs a lot of energy, time, and nerves. But you should be prepared for an accident. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in big cities. That is why it is important to know in advance how to behave in such a situation.

Accident Management Services is the primary need in this situation. There are different accident scenarios: It can be an accident with or without victims. A serious accident always requires a call to the traffic police.

A minor accident can be handled independently according to the European protocol. However, there are a number of basic measures for absolutely all situations. We will look at these.

Minor Accident without Injuries

Switch on warning lights as soon as you stop. Then you should get out of the car and look around. It is important to check that there is no fuel leakage that could cause a fire. Next, you should put up an emergency stop sign. In the city, the sign should be placed 15 meters from the accident site and 30 meters outside the city limits.

If there is no sign, drivers sometimes resort to improvised means. For example, bottles of washing-up liquid, fire extinguishers, and in the dark, they place hand-held torches next to improvised structures that flash.

This can prevent situations where other drivers run over road users who have not noticed the accident in time. It is important to remember that outside built-up areas, in poor visibility or at night, the driver and all passengers (when exiting the car) must wear reflective waistcoats. In town, on a poorly lit road, or in a tunnel, this is not unreasonable.

When Can You Report an Accident Without Seeing a Traffic Officer?

If you see that there are no injuries or dangers, stop for a moment and calm down. If you are about to have an accident, do not immediately run to take pictures of the car or contact the other people involved. This can only make the situation worse and lead to more mistakes and conflicts.

Next, take a good look at your car and the other vehicles involved in the accident. If the accident is not serious, only two cars are involved, the damage is minor, both drivers have an MTPL policy and there are no discrepancies, the traffic police may advise you to formalize the accident yourself. For this purpose, a European protocol must be drawn up.

Even if you are in a hurry and there is no visible damage to the vehicles, you should not go far from the scene of the accident. According to Article 12.27 of the Administrative Code, you risk suspension of your driving license for one to one and a half years of administrative detention. You can only separate if you sign a receipt confirming that you have no claim on each other.

How to Fill in a Eurolog and Where to Start?

Make sure you photograph the vehicles so that the photos show the location – ideally the street name and number. Other more precise landmarks are also suitable.

Note the position of the vehicles, the braking distance, and any other circumstances surrounding the accident. If there are witnesses in the vicinity, note their contact details immediately – you will need them for the European accident report.

The absence or presence of a disagreement should be recorded in a note and signed by both parties. Record the circumstances of the accident carefully: Give the names of the roads, the direction of travel of the vehicles, their position at the time of the collision, and their final position.

Location of traffic lights and road signs. Markings, debris, skid marks – all of these should be recorded and signed by those involved in the accident.

It is important that the statements of those involved in the accident do not contradict each other. If they do, list them in Section 1.8. And describe them on the back of the accident report in Section 7. Do not forget to indicate the number of fields to be filled in – otherwise, the document is not valid.

The accident report is divided into two identical sheets – each person involved in the accident receives an identical sheet. A self-copy also counts as an original document. This is important. The accident must be reported to the insurer within five working days and the vehicle cannot be repaired within 15 days.

You can also seek consultancy from legal professionals to streamline the entire process. They are well versed with all the laws and regulations related to car accidents and can help you receive fair compensations.

What to Do If There is Disagreement?

If the drivers do not agree, and EWR can still be drawn up. The most important thing is that you fill in the document together and explain all the circumstances. It must be signed by both drivers. Remember that it is not possible to draw up an EWR on your own.

In the event of a dispute, it is essential to record the details of the accident using software – you can use the RSA “Road Traffic Accidents” mobile app. Eurolog”.

It is important to note that the maximum amount of compensation by the insurer, in this case, will be 10 000 dollars in crash claim management. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the Euro protocol and will have to call GIBDD.

There is another option – without the Euro protocol. You can call GIBDD, describe the accident, and say that you are ready to fill in the accident report, take photos and go to the nearest GIBDD office. If the traffic police agree, you can continue. It is best to record the conversation with the examiner on a tape recorder.

Accident without Victims But with Damaged Cars

If the vehicles are badly damaged and there is a risk of hidden damage, the GIBDD should be called in. The car accident management company should also be informed immediately of the accident.

While waiting for the inspectors, it is useful to take photographs of the scene of the accident and to contact witnesses, as you would do when reporting your own accident. You can also ask witnesses for video recordings. Even if you have a tape recorder, an extra angle can’t hurt.

When the traffic police arrive, tell us your side of the story in detail, read the transcript carefully and make sure that the blank lines under your words are crossed out. This will eliminate the possibility of falsification. List all the circumstances: the existence of video recordings and witnesses.

If you do not agree with what you have written, there is no need to refuse to sign. It may even improve your position. Sign the document, but immediately point out the points of contention and write your version.

If only the vehicles were damaged in the accident, three documents are drawn up: a statement of offense, a diagram of the accident, and a traffic accident report.

Do not enter into a ‘settlement on the spot’ if the person who caused the accident offers to pay and leave. Your vehicle may have more serious damage that is not visible at first sight. In addition, con artists may proceed as follows: After paying a small sum, they may contact the traffic police and claim that you have left the scene of the accident.

And this may already lead to the withdrawal of your driving license. If you decide to collect the money, you must check and photograph the other driver’s documents and issue a receipt for the absence of a claim.

If You Are Involved in an Accident with Fatalities or Injuries

If there are casualties or fatalities in the accident, call 112 immediately for the traffic police and emergency services to respond. Try to help people at the scene. If the scene of the accident is not easily accessible, you can leave the scene of the accident to take the injured person to the hospital.

You must inform the traffic police immediately. At the hospital, you should give your personal details and those of the vehicle, note the time of arrival, and go directly to the nearest traffic police station.

If the ambulance and traffic police arrive in time, you should prepare for a medical examination. In this case, either two witnesses should be present during the procedure or the whole procedure should be recorded with a video camera.

The procedure for writing the report is similar: Give your version of events in detail and check your statement. If you are in a state of shock or are not ready to describe everything in detail, you can also indicate this in the report by stating that you wish to complete your statement in a separate conversation with the traffic police.

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