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What is Mobile Marketing & Why it Matters so Much

A New Era of Advertising

The era of mobile marketing is here with us; so you better get on board or go home because time is running out. The business that’s going to benefit the most is the one that uses this form of advertising.

What is Mobile Advertising?

This is whereby you promote your business on smartphone platforms. You can spread your message using short messaging services or SMS, mobile applications, multimedia messaging services or MMS, location-based advertising, and mobile sites.

Exploring the Different Types of Mobile Advertising Strategies

1. App Marketing

It is no secret that the majority of smartphone users are always using a mobile app whenever they stare at their phones. As a marketer, this is a niche that you may want to explore and take advantage of. You don’t necessarily have to create an app so that you can advertise your services.

Search engines usually have tools to help advertisers post their ads on various smartphone applications. Do your research and find out the type of ad that would be most appropriate for your target market. It could be banner or interstitial ads.

2. QR Code

You could also package your ad as a QR code. The target market scans the code using the smartphone and is redirected to the advertisement. This strategy works best with games.

3. In-Game Advertising

This is whereby you place your ads in a popular mobile game. That way, when people download the game, they can see what you have to offer. You can either place the ad as a banner pop-up, video ad, or full-page image ad. Alternatively, you could place a QR code ad as the game is loading.

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4. Location-based Marketing

This is perhaps one of the most interesting forms of mobile advertising. You have the freedom to decide when your target market can see your adverts based on their location. For example, you may want people to see the advert when they are 5 miles from your business’s physical location.

5. Short Text Messages

This is whereby you send the user short SMS on your latest offers. You can either send the messages every week or twice per month. This will depend on your budget and the effectiveness of this strategy.

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Why Mobile Advertising is Important?

According to research, 4 out of 10 users access the internet using their mobile phones. In addition, the average person spends about 5 hours a day on their smartphone devices. 60% of online shoppers use their mobile devices to search e-commerce sites. The statistics show that the mobile market has huge potential.

As a smart marketer, you want to go where the people are since this is the only way that you can give your business exposure. Mobile advertising is important because it allows advertisers to reach their target market anywhere and at any time.

Other Benefits of Mobile Advertising

1. Accuracy in Consumer Targeting

All mobile users have a unique number used to access them. This means that as long as you have the number, you can never go wrong with the advert. If the consumer bought an item from you before and left their phone number, you can use this unique identification code to send them targeted advertisements.

Unlike cookies, the messaging channels offered by phone numbers cannot be deleted. That way, you are guaranteed that the message will reach the intended target.

2. Improved Response Time

Another good thing about mobile advertising is that you can get an immediate response from the customer. As a marketer, you won’t have to wait for the results. If the customer is interested, they can send you an instant message or SMS.

3. The Importance of Location

You are more likely to convince a person to enter your store if they are close by. Since we take our mobile phones with us everywhere, it’s easy to pinpoint the exact location of a customer with location-based advertising. This means that mobile advertising has a positive effect on conversion rates.

4. It has the potential to allow you to Build Deep Relationships with Customers

Most people consider their smartphones as being private. That’s why we use various encryptions and passwords to make sure that we are the only ones with unlimited access to our phones. When you engage the customer through mobile advertising, you have to be sensitive to their feelings.

As long as the customer is responsive, do your best to build on that relationship. The more you gain a customer’s trust, the more likely they are to reveal more about themselves and allow you to customize your products according to their needs.

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How you can give Customers the Best Experience with Mobile Advertising

1. Optimize your Adverts

Make sure that the mobile page speed is fast. Your ad should quickly open after someone clicks on it. The longer it takes to open, the less interested the customer becomes and the higher the likelihood of negative online reviews.

2. Be Simple

App-based marketing can either work for you or against you. You know that the user is probably focused on using the app. Therefore, you have a short amount of time to grab their attention. To do so effectively, your ad should be written in a simple language that’s clear for anyone to understand.

3. The Type of Ad should be suited to the Audience

Don’t use in-app ads if you are targeting gamers. Make sure that you place your advertisement where your target market is likely to see it if you want it to be effective.

Bottom Line

Mobile advertising is a trend that’s catching on in digital marketing. Depending on your target market, you can either advertise through MMS or SMS or through app-based marketing. The good thing about this kind of marketing is that it allows you to place advertisements based on a customer’s location. Other advantages are mentioned above.

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