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What is the Use of Class 2 Digital Signatures for Trademarks?

Every business and organization desires a unique and distinguishable trademark that represents, symbolizes, and differentiates its product and service from other companies selling similar products or services.

A class 2 digital signature for a trademark is usually represented as an exotic and appealing visual symbol in the form of a word, name, logo, signature, label, numerals, a combination of various colorful geometric patterns, catchy phrases, taglines, or anything that gives a spark of your imagination.

Why Do You Need a Registered Trademark? 

A registered trademark, in simple language, a brand name, gives you the authority and ownership to legally use this mark nationwide on your products and services that cannot be used by other companies dealing with similar types of products or services.

Moreover, a registered trademark serves many other benefits to your business functioning and growth that you can hardly think of. Here are a few:

  • A registered trademark establishes your organization for serious and trustworthy business in the world market.
  • Greatly beneficial to fight claims in Court.
  • Helps your business create an authoritative position in cases when you need to file a case or sue
  • Recognizes and improves the value of your organization.  

How to Avoid Duplicate Trade Mark:        

There are numerous trendy and stylish trademarks that have become common names for everyone, like McDonald’s, Nike, Coca-cola, Apple, Google and so many more. If you are planning to apply for your own trademark, then be sure to shuffle through various trademark registering companies before settling down for the right one.

As companies are gradually moving towards electronic and online mediums, the safety and security of online transactions are getting highly compromised. Though there are numerous powerful encryption and privacy features, data authentication still seems to be quite an issue with skilled hackers roaming all over the net.

Thus, to save your integrity and secure your online data while applying for your company’s own, unique trademark, it is compulsory to get the government-certified trademark for class 2 DSC.

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What is a Class 2 Digital Signature for Trademark?

Since most business transactions have migrated over the online medium, it is essential to get a document that would authenticate your identity. It is an electronic equivalent that works to certify your genuineness like a physical identity certificate such as a driving license, voter card, passport, PAN card, etc.

According to the Information Technology Act, procuring a class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is legally mandatory for individuals, organizations, and companies who wish to commence an activity online like e-Tendering, e-Procurement, e-Ticketing, IPO, Patent, Trademark filing over various websites.

Other Crucial Applications of Class 2 Digital signature for trademark:

  • Safe and secure web-based transactions to identify the participants in the activity
  • Authenticate the ownership of a web domain with SSL/TLS encrypted session between user and server.
  • Web-based document filing without the necessity to enter a username and password. 

Who can avail of the Class 2 Digital Signature for Trademark?

It is officially available for various business industries:

  • Auditors
  • Company Secretary
  • Bank Officials
  • Legal Authorized Signatories
  • Company Directors.

Class 2 digital certificate is issued for both individual proprietors and authorized signatories of organizations. It is mostly used as a digital identity proof certificate and encrypting electronic messages.

Online Trademark and Patent Filing With Class 2 Digital Signature:

The department of Patent Designs and Trademarks has made it official to carry a Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate if any individual or organization wishes to apply for a trademark, patent, or tenders online. 

The class 2 digital signature certificate comes with two years validity and can be obtained in the signing format only.

How to Get a Class 2 Digital Signature for Trademark Application:

The trademark application form for the class 2 digital signature certificate is available in an electronic downloadable format from a verified online service providing company website. Apart from a correctly filled application form, there is also a list of documents required that needs to be submitted along with the application.

It is issued after verifying and authenticating the information provided on the application form and the enclosed documents. Once the certifying authority personnel has authenticated your application, you can download the class 2 digital signature certificate for the trademark.

Once you have the digital signature certificate in your hands, you can go ahead to apply for the trademark, patent, or tender according to the IPO norms.


Investing in a registered trademark can benefit your business and organization to growth and get better exposure among national and global consumers. But before you apply for the mark, make sure to own your class 2 digital signature certificate.

It will ensure your safety, authenticate your identity, and protect your privacy in the digital world.

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