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Why Using HubSpot Lead Generation to Cultivate Organic Leads Benefits You

Cold calling. These words can cause anxiety for even the most seasoned sales professionals. Though some may thrive, reaching out to new customers who may not have heard of you or your business, others would prefer different methods.

Warm leads are often preferred and usually have a higher conversion rate. Plus, it can make the job of your salespeople a little easier.

So, how do you find these new leads? Many people use HubSpot lead generation to help increase potential leads. Discover what that is and why it is so beneficial to your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an important part of a salesperson’s job, and it plays a critical role in helping you grow your business (and your revenue). Lead generation involves attracting potential new customers (leads) and converting them into someone who is interested in the service your company provides.

Ways to Generate Leads

There are many ways to organically generate leads, instead of reaching out to someone who has never heard of you. Targeted marketing can help attract new leads through campaigns that involve a variety of mediums, such as:

  • Websites and landing pages
  • Emails
  • Ads on social media
  • Google tools
  • Blogs

Your content will play a key role in helping you find these new leads. Make sure it is written for your target audience and features offers or information that will appeal to them. This can help increase engagement and create trust right away.

Buying Leads Versus Organic Leads

Buying leads is a popular way to get new ones. It is faster and much easier to simply purchase a list, though this option is often more expensive. But, buying leads is not the best way to go. Instead, focus on cultivating organic leads, which can give you better results.

Have you ever received a sales pitch via phone or social media for a product you know nothing about? You answered the phone or message, then were bombarded with information on a product. Not only can these conversations come at a bad time for you (such as during your child’s basketball game), it can be off-putting to receive a pitch out of the blue.

That’s why organically cultivating leads through a campaign is a better option. These campaigns initiate a relationship and introduce your company and the products or services you provide at a time that works for the potential customer, such as when they check their email or start surfing the web. Think of it as a way to help your customers find you.

Not only is creating a relationship with a lead you’ve generated organically more natural, but it may also lead to more profitable outcomes for you.

This type of lead generation is also typically more cost-effective for you. And by using a more cost-effective model, you can sustain it longer, which gives you regular leads for a longer period. You may even turn up some leads that surprise you.

How Do I Mine These Leads from My Campaign?

Once you’ve partnered with someone to help with your lead generation via a campaign, you need to know how you’ll get the leads it brings in. HubSpot lead generation is a popular tool to help. It connects with various platforms to surface the leads. Your salespeople can easily log in and take action on potential new customers.

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