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A Winning Strategy to Convert Local Searches into Real Customers

Optimizing for local searches and conversions is a critical part of every digital marketing strategy. Statistics show that users that search for local businesses are much more likely to convert than non-local searches.

Similarly, they tend to pick businesses that are on the first page of search results. Meaning that SEO efforts are especially effective at getting their attention.

Because of this, getting local conversions is something worth prioritizing. The question is how do you improve your local SEO rankings and get more conversions? There’s no simple answer to this question, as local strategies tend to be a bit more specialized than generalized ones.

It may depend on your industry and target demographics. However, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your local digital marketing strategy. Here are a few methods you should try out.

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Add Striking, Original Photos

Images are crucial for every digital marketing strategy, but they’re especially effective at attracting local users. Around two-thirds of customers say that striking images catch their attention when looking for local businesses. However, the type of photos and their origin can also have an effect on the success of your SEO efforts.

Search engines are putting more and more emphasis on original images for rankings. Stock photos aren’t nearly as effective as they were before, which is why it’s recommended that you make your own. While this may not be possible for every kind of content, you should still strive to be original whenever you can.

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Create Localized Content

If you want to catch the attention of local customers, creating localized content seems like the best option. You’re much more likely to catch the attention of local demographics by talking about local events, activities, and individuals. Local Google ads can benefit your business in different ways, especially if you can create a connection to local events.

You can also create special deals and promotions that are related to specific locations. This will catch the attention of locals, and they’ll be much more likely to make purchases if they feel singled out in a positive way.

Track Call Conversions

When analyzing the success of a digital marketing strategy, SEO experts often look to tools like Google Analytics, for obvious reasons. However, you should remember that this isn’t the only metric worth looking at, especially if you’re aiming to attract local customers.

What about the people that call the number featured on your website and listings? Customers that live far away or in different countries might not even consider calling your number, but local customers certainly will.

Measuring the impact of your local strategy should include tracking the number of call conversions and sales. This way, you can get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your methods.

With the correct data, you can start making changes to your digital marketing strategy to improve rankings.

Encourage Reviews

There are few features that are quite as effective as reviews. They let customers inform each other about the quality of products and services in a public setting. If someone doesn’t trust your marketing or hasn’t yet been introduced to your products, a good review might sway them.

Online reviews are also pretty good for SEO. Search engines value customer reviews quite a bit, which is why you should encourage all customers to leave a review after purchasing a product or service. Keep in mind, negative reviews don’t necessarily have to have a negative effect.

They can show your professionalism and willingness to help clients with anything. Try to leave polite and courteous suggestions when someone is experiencing issues with your products.

Backlinks are the backbone of many SEO strategies, and this also applies when you’re aiming for local audiences. The only difference is that you should probably set your sights on local backlinks instead of good links in general. A local link-building strategy can mean a lot if you’re trying to reach customers in the region.

Good choices for backlinks include local blogs, charities, news publications, and business directories. If possible, try to get as many local sources as possible. Search engines will favour websites that feature local content on a local search.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile optimization is a key pillar of modern SEO, and it’s crucial for the success of any digital marketing strategy. It’s worth noting that the stakes are even higher for mobile when it comes to local SEO. This is because people tend to use their phones for local business searches more than their desktop computers. When searching through mobile, they’re usually looking to buy something immediately, so there’s a higher purchasing intent.

As a result, optimizing content and website speed for mobile is absolutely critical for local SEO strategies. Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with this process, as they might not have the resources to create a dedicated team for multiple platforms. In most cases, they outsource their mobile optimization needs for optimal results.

Create a Google My Business page

Creating a Google My Business page is one of the single most effective ways to boost your local SEO rankings and conversions. This page showcases everything that customers need to know about your business, including things like contact info and hours of operation. It also features reviews, Google ratings, and relevant website links.

A Google My Business page is also incredibly good for attracting local organic traffic. When a user searches for a particular product, they’re likely to run into results from a local company that has a Google My Business listing.

It’s critical that you include relevant and up-to-date information on this page. The more info and images you add, the better Google’s search engine can understand your business and showcase it to users.


Getting local searches to convert to customers is a difficult, but incredibly rewarding challenge. By utilizing some of the aforementioned strategies, you can get your local numbers up significantly and attract more customers along the way.

Optimize your website and content to match the needs of local demographics, and you’ll find that the conversions will just keep pouring in.

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