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8 Common Mistakes that Affect Your Cryptocurrency Investments

For over a decade, cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity among investors worldwide, and for a good reason. By taking advantage of the digital age that we are in, crypto investments can become more convenient and grant better potential benefits and profits.

As a result, getting involved in this market is considered a gateway to technological innovation and more significant opportunities in the future. Unlike other markets, investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others can benefit investors.

For starters, investment fees are among the lowest compared to other available assets today, and they come with multiple online payment options to choose from. This not only makes it more convenient, but it can also make online transactions smoother, safer, and more accessible for anyone to manage.

Cryptocurrencies are also unlinked to world governments and organizations, making the market a free-for-all experience. Because of this, the investments made can potentially remain stable even if the economy crashes in a specific country or region. This is also, in part, the reason why crypto investments incur fewer fees.

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Investors are also unbound by age limits, allowing even young entrepreneurs to grow their wealth through this platform.

As time passes, more and more people are looking to dip their toes into the cryptocurrency market and start their online investments. Unfortunately, many of them often go in blind without much knowledge or research on how the industry works. This has led to several common mistakes and significantly higher losses.

By understanding how cryptocurrencies and markets work, you can determine which choices are the best to make at which time. You also lower the risk of losing your investment and creating a negative profit by doing that. Before you start your crypto investments, here are some of the most common mistakes people make and what you can do to avoid them actively.

Lack of Research and Basic Knowledge

Learning how to invest in cryptocurrency safely is a time-consuming task that no one can master overnight. Before getting into the market, it is crucial to do thorough research on all types of situations that you may encounter. By doing so, you can better gauge the risk factor of each currency you buy and learn the ins and outs of both the crypto market and investing in general.

Build a habit of regularly checking up on factors of the currency such as its trade volumes, price history, market cap, and its total versus circulating supply. Once you have this information on hand, you can cross-reference that with the opinions of other investors and experts to help you decide your next move.

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Investing Out of Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a familiar feeling we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. With cryptocurrencies quickly coming into popularity, more people are looking to get involved and jumping on the bandwagon in hopes of getting the same opportunities as everyone else.

Unfortunately, this can be a serious problem that leads you to make several investment mistakes. When you invest with this mindset, you are more susceptible to panic buy-and-sell the second your currency begins to scale downwards.

There are also several scams that actively pressure unsuspecting investors to make these irreversible decisions. Your investments should never be an emotional decision where you feel pressured to make an immediate choice.

Overlooking Security Measures

Most cryptocurrencies are built into a system that uses blockchain technology where transactions can be recorded and time-stamped. Because of this, many new investors assume that this is enough security to safeguard their crypto assets.

However, this could not be further from the truth, as blockchain does not offer the same level of security as a bank would give you.

Your account’s security should be one of the top priorities that you regularly check up on and update when it comes to investments. Using a two-factor authentication process can be one of the simplest ways to ensure safety and make it hard for hackers to access your cryptocurrency wallets.

Investing All Assets Into One Type of Cryptocurrency

When it comes to investments, it is crucial to branch out and diversify your portfolio as much as you can. Using this strategy helps protect you from high-risk decisions in the event that the asset experiences a downward trend. Simultaneously, by doing so, you benefit from having more control over how you manage your investments.

Most experienced investors and experts recommend having a minimum of five types of cryptocurrencies to set up your portfolio. With these under your belt, you create a safety net for when some of these investments fall through.


In some cases, investors who are new to the market are often too eager to start and diversify their portfolios. While enthusiasm may serve as a good motivator to get more involved in the market, it can be a risky move if too many trades are made in a short period of time.

Overtrading can cause your tax liabilities to increase and you to lose valuable assets from fees that build up over time. You are also more likely to make bad trades when you buy them without much research or thought.

Lack of Basic Skills with Technology

Understanding the basics and foundations of any technology is the first step you should take to comprehend how to use it properly. Cryptocurrency is enforced by a diverse network of computer systems that make it close to impossible to counterfeit.

As such, learning how this technology works can lessen your risks of making investment mistakes in the future. Once you know how you can determine the value of each asset and how to make a profit from this, you can begin growing your portfolio over time.

Assuming Cryptocurrency is the Same as the Stock Market

A common misconception about cryptocurrencies is that it is thought of the same as shares in the stock market. This can be classified as false based on the definition of the term because crypto investors are not given partial ownership of a company, nor are they entitled to receive any dividends.

Determining the values of each crypto asset differs from stocks because it is not a physical credit that can be held. Instead, your crypto investments get their valuation through the raises based on functionality, which is not always easy to predict.

Buying Too Many Cheap Coins

Many investors who fail to educate themselves about the market tend to buy cheap coins out of habit. This is because they assume that all assets have a chance of giving them bigger returns over time.

However, without understanding the proper factors that affect the coin’s value, this can be seen as an investment mistake you should avoid falling into at all costs.

Invest in the Smart Way

Investing in cryptocurrency can be beneficial for you as long as you take the right steps. However, before jumping into the market, it is vital to learn bitcoin by understanding how it works and what you can do to lower your risk of losing your assets.

While it may be tedious, taking the time to do proper research grants you the benefits of growing your crypto wallet safely and securely.

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