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Should Government Use Cryptocurrency Technology?

In recent times, technology has made unbelievable advancements. Such development has redefined the life of an individual in every aspect. In actuality, development is an ongoing process and hence, the life of humans is constantly improving day by day.

The government reacts slowly with regard to legislating new means of technology. Thanks to the mere fact that employees have done a great job.

In most situations, it’s quite challenging for a government employee to take spare time and concentrate on the issues that arise from the new technology.

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This signifies that the government indulges in the problems that arise from the new technologies when a lot of problems were reported that affected the citizens. Till then, technology is developed to the point that the government creates new departments for handling the issues that are linked to the technologies.

The latest inclusion in this context is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. The involvement of the government was more in Cryptocurrency technology.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to levy security and privacy in monetary transactions online.  It makes use of cryptographic encryption both for generating the currency and verifying the transactions.

New coins are formed by a process known as mining, while the transactions are recorded in a public ledger, which is known as Transaction BlockChain.

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How to Use Cryptocurrency Technology?

It’s easy for the common people to utilize this digital currency exchange and cryptocurrency technology. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • You require a digital wallet, for the purpose of storing the currency.
  • Utilize the wallet to create a unique public address. This will allow you to receive the money.
  • Utilize the public address for transferring the funds in and out of the wallet.

Cryptocurrency Wallets – This is a software program for storing both public and private keys. Moreover, it also interacts with different blockchains so that the user can send and receive digital currency and keep track of their balance.

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Types of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin – This is the very first cryptocurrency that started. This remains the market leader in different categories. Its price was high, maximum security, widest assumption, and most of the development Active and rational. It’s the one piece of data that is signified in the traditional market and is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Ethereum – It is known as a Turning-complete programmable currency. This helps the developers build many distributed apps and technologies that wouldn’t work well with the Bitcoin Alternate Coin.

Litecoin – A cryptocurrency that was formed with the objective to be the ‘digital silver’ as opposed to Bitcoin’s digital gold. Also, it can be said to be the fork of Bitcoin. However, unlike its predecessor, it results in the products of blocks four times faster and has four times the maximum number of coins.

Monero – This is a type of cryptocurrency with private transaction abilities. It has the most active groups because of the open and privacy-focused standards.

Qtum – This cryptocurrency is a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. The network boasts the reliability of Bitcoin at the time of utilizing smart contracts and distributing apps, and how much it works within the Ethereum network.

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Reasons Why Government Shows Its Involvement in Cryptocurrency Technology


In most situations, the government gets involved with new technologies when such technologies defraud its citizens. The best example of this is online gambling. As such activities can easily get overlooked; businesses that operate them at times find themselves the topic of government examination.

As expected, it occurs when a player reports it as a crime when losing money while gambling. When the investigators can’t convey the fault, the next stage is for the government to make it illegal to take part in such a kind of business. Since BitConnect and other cases may appear like an exemption, it will be utilized as justification for the government’s involvement in how their residents take an interest in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.


Most governments generate revenue by receiving taxes from the people and businesses. Their work gets simpler with the mere fact that the individuals deposit their income in the bank when it exceeds a specific amount or they report any profit.

Hence, utilizing the services of a bank makes it easier to recover forcefully unpaid taxes. Utilizing blockchain technology means that the government will have small control over the income that hasn’t been cashed.

In the event that more individuals utilize cryptocurrencies, it could be difficult for the government to accomplish its revenue targets and as such, the mainstream banking industry may collapse. Keeping this thing in mind, the government will make efforts to figure out a technique to gain control over the manner in which cryptocurrency funds are cashed out. This will make the blockchain turn out to be more tax-haven.

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Crime and Terrorism

One of the major concerns raised is the probability of the dread cells and criminals utilizing the secrecy provided by blockchain technology to legalize cash or transfer funds for utilizing terror activities. Such issues might result in a claim where the government grants access to a Cryptocurrency trade. The agency of government that filed the suit wants to see the earlier records of how the transaction was carried out. This helps in determining who cashed their assets and from who did the exchanges began.

Fiat Money

Fiat Money is a currency that is issued by a government as a legal tender and this doesn’t support any asset. The government makes use of its authority and forces individuals to accept fiat money as a payment mode. The government itself receives it as a kind of tax transfer. In such a way, it will print more and lend itself to being borrowed from anyone.  The challenge with such an approach is that it might lead to high inflation rates.

The Bottom Line

As more individuals will learn about the blockchain or Cryptocurrency technology concept and accept the Cryptocurrency Trading Platform as a mode of payment; it is assumed that the technology will receive more attention from the government.

Hence, the government is looking forward to building up regulations regarding the use of Cryptocurrency technology.

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