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Send Money to Ghana via ACE Money Transfer to win an iPhone 13 128GB & Airtime Top-up for Your Loved Ones

Send money to Ghana and make your way towards the biggest lucky draw conducted by ACE Money Transfer in collaboration with AZA Finance.

So, mark your calendars from the 1st of September till the 30th of September 2022 to win a free iPhone 13 128GB for the sender and free airtime top-up for the receiver.

Want to know how to avail this mesmerising chance? Keep on reading to find out!

Free Phone for You – Free Airtime for Your Loved Ones

Budgeting for a new phone appears to be a far-fetched challenge with the current economic situation. What if you could win a free iPhone 13 128GB just by doing what you usually do as an expat?

Transfer money from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to the AZA Finance wallet using the ACE Money Transfer wallet. This wallet-to-wallet transaction may entitle you to participate in the world’s most significant lucky draw.

This way, you may not only win an iPhone but your loved ones will be blessed with free airtime top-up in Ghana. Sounds incredible!

But how do you participate in this amazing offer which can benefit both the sender and the receiver?

The answer is simple; by making online transactions. Make money transfer to Ghana through ACE, receive through AZA Finance and complete your transactions to become a part of this exclusive offer automatically. 

FOUR iPhone 13 128GB at the Expense of your Remittance

This exclusive offer does not let one individual taste the glory of winning an iPhone 13 128GB, but a total of FOUR winners will become glorious. You can enter automatically through your wallet–to–wallet transfers with ACE.

The completed transactions from 1st till 30 September 2022 will make you eligible for this lucky draw. The promotional offer also provides the remittance receivers with free airtime top-up. 

Free Airtime Top-up – How it works!

The offer is only valid for online transactions to Ghana. Subject to these terms and restrictions, all mobile wallet transfers made within the specified periods will be automatically included in the lucky draw.

Make sure you have fully paid and completed your transfer to qualify for this prize. Every 1,000 Cedi or more transaction will result in a 10 Cedi airtime top-up for the beneficiary.

You can enter the draw numerous times daily by completing transactions of any amount for the iPhone 13 128 GB. Unfortunately, if these terms are not met, the beneficiary is ineligible for the 10 Cedi Topup draw, as the minimum requirement is 1,000 Cedi.

Lucky Draw Dates!

You are eligible to enter as a new or old customer of ACE Money Transfer. Simply send money to Ghana online through the ACE Money Transfer and receive it through AZA Finance across Ghana.

Complete the transaction, and you will automatically enter the lucky draw. You can even enter between the announcement dates for iPhone 13 128GB.

Remember these dates and mark them down:

  • First Draw – 12th September 2022
  • Second Draw – 19th September 2022
  • Third Draw – 26th September 2022
  • Fourth Draw – 6th October 2022

Terms for Winners of the Lucky Draw

Winners of this promotional offer must abide by the following rules after receiving iPhone 13 12GB and free airtime top-up:

  1. The promotion is exclusively available to ACE Money Transfer clients, and employees of ACE Money Transfer and AZA Finance are not eligible.
  2. This deal is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. The prizes and awards may be subjected to taxation depending on the laws of the country in which you reside.
  4. Under local tax rules, the winner is liable for any personal, advance, and/or withholding tax related to benefits won from this competition. As a result, ACE Money Transfer assumes no liability.
  5. Verification is required for all rewards. The Company reserves the right to postpone a Reward for any reason, including investigation.
  6. The Company may also refuse to verify and process any transaction that it believes, in its sole discretion, is fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these Terms and Conditions or the Company’s Privacy Policy, or will impose potential liability on the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, and agents.

Try your Luck Now!

ACE Money Transfer brings you this amazing offer in hard times and exuberating inflation. Winning a free iPhone 13 128GB for yourself and free airtime top-up for your loved ones is a blessing. So, try your luck with ACE Money Transfer and get fabulous prizes and offers.

Join ACE Money Transfer Now!

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