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4 Common Health Risks Caused by Car Accidents

There is a famous saying, “Nothing is for certain but taxes and death.” Well, being involved in a car accident is also a quite strong certainty. Actually, the odds are high! With so many cars and drivers on the roads, it’s not surprising.

According to Forbes, on average a driver will experience an accident insurance claim once every 18 years. With that, car accidents not only impact finances but also lead to major injuries and fatalities. It can even affect you emotionally in the long term.

Reckless driving, safety rules, negligence, and drunken driving are the most common causes, resulting in minor injuries like cuts and scrapes major injuries like head injuries, and even death.

While consulting a doctor is the first thing to do in case of treating injuries and diagnose major health concerns, you should also not forget the attorney to help you with legalities.

While cuts and wounds might get resolved within a few days, here are other types of common car accident injuries that should not be overlooked:


This is the most common car accident injury. A sudden movement of the neck can cause severe damage to the neck muscle. Whiplash might vary from person to person, depending on the intensity of a collision. Swelling, temporary vocal cord paralysis, and neck pain are fairly common symptoms.

Whiplash is also seen as affecting the chest area. Quick movements from car accidents can lead to collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Heart patients can suffer cardiac arrest, and internal bleeding in the chest could be an immediate result of an accident.

Damage to the pelvis, lower abdomen, and other internal organs can also occur. These types of injuries need urgent medical care. While you should prioritize providing medical care in severe conditions, reaching a car accident settlement is also crucial.

Hiring an attorney early in the process will help you look over file paperwork, and accident reports, communicate with automobile insurance companies, and ensure you a fair settlement.

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Brain Traumas

Sudden back-and-forth motion in an abrupt manner can lead to temporary unconsciousness or concussions. The hasty movements of the head can cause severe head rush because of chemical imbalances in the brain cells.

Symptoms of this condition might not appear immediately but effectively result in headache, nausea, dizziness, and hearing disability. If blurred vision, blind spot, fractures, slurred speech, or confusion occurs, it needs medical attention right away. Often, long-term medical treatment is needed after such conditions.

Fractured Bones

Fractured bones, especially the collar bone, knee joints, and elbow, are most common in car crashes. When a front-end crash occurs, the engine pushes into the dash and causes knee fractures.

Hip fractures are due by abrupt movements of the body to the sides. Bones in the spine may shift out of position and cause a fracture.

Other fractures might account for bones broken into pieces. The time required to heal a broken bone depends on the location and severity of the break. Surgical intervention is usually used to treat cracks. Physical therapy is also a great way to regain mobility.

Severe Contusions

Windshield glass and window glass break and cause cuts on the face due to sudden collision. Equipment and metal framing in the car might get pushed within the cabin and cause scratches on the skin.

Some cuts might need stitches and staples, whereas mild scratches need to be cleaned to remove debris. This is crucial as it keeps you safe from infections. Cuts and scrapes should be covered with clean bandages. In the case of mild swelling, a cold compress or ice pack can help you with the discomfort.

Remember, some injuries like whiplash and other internal injuries might not be readily apparent after a car accident. A screening test with a doctor will help you in detecting injuries that can cause infections in the future.

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