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What are the Different Types of Mobile Home?

Mobile home refers to homes that are built on motor vehicles to facilitate the mobility of the home. Usually, the driver’s space is disconnected from the living space in mobile homes.

These homes are well equipped with all the facilities required by a person in a home like a kitchen space, a sleeping space, a toilet/bathroom, etc.

People in many countries including Ireland prefer mobile homes for many reasons. The chief benefits of a mobile home are that mobile home has a low cost over fixed homes and a mobile home facilitates easy movement in cases where the owner doesn’t want to settle permanently in the given place.

A few types of mobile homes are also good for travelers as they can enjoy the comfort of their home anytime anywhere with the mobile home. Different types of mobile homes are designed according to the different types of requirements for mobile homes. A few most common types of mobile homes in Ireland are listed below.


A campervan is built on a van and has no distinguished divide between the driving space and living space. This is an economical type of mobile home with basic living facilities like cooking, sleeping, toileting, bathing washing, etc.

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This type of self-contained mobile home is good for traveling as it is fully equipped with various household accessories making your day-to-day living easier. Caravans can have a mini lounge with a television, sleeping compartments, a kitchen area, sanitary provisions, and other necessary household utilities.

Depending on the size of the caravan, it can have multiple sleeping quarters too. Caravans can be uniquely designed for business purposes. Few companies lend caravans for formal and informal parties after designing them for a specific purpose.

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A bigger mobile home than a caravan is a motorhome. They are built on truck or bus chassis and so they offer more space for all the utilities and the driving compartment can easily be divided from the living space behind.

However, it is more expensive to buy and maintain motor homes than caravans or campervans. So, campervans and caravans are more popular choices the customers of the need and are commonly seen.

Camper Trailer

Another small mobile home is a camper trailer. Instead of being designed on a vehicle, the trailer is towed behind a vehicle. Mostly, a tent is folded out of the trailer to facilitate living space. Essential home utilities are also there in this type of mobile home. Its lightweight and compact size are liked by people.

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By going through the above information, you can make out that each type of mobile home is different from the others. However, one common thing would be the need for insurance for each type of mobile home. Yes, one must seek mobile home insurance in Ireland to protect oneself from threats to a mobile home.

Mobile homes like caravan and campervans face threats like natural calamities, extreme weather conditions, damage during transit, etc. All insurance companies offer caravan insurance and campervan insurance in Ireland to safeguard the owner of the mobile home against all probable threats. One shall not miss buying caravan insurance or campervan insurance; else it could cost heavily in their pocket.

One might be confused about which mobile home insurance in Ireland is suitable for their mobile home as plenty of options are available. But if they research well, then they can easily choose an established insurance company like Britton Insurance for buying caravan insurance or campervan insurance Ireland.

To choose your desired insurance company, first of all, assess your requirements and then map them with the car insurance plans and campervan insurance Ireland plans offered by various insurance companies.

Join hands with the insurance company which offers you full insurance coverage at reasonable pricing. At times a higher premium may be worth it if the extent of coverage offered under the insurance plan is greater than others. Big insurance companies like Britton Insurance insure your caravan or campervan along with its accessories.

Ensuring the driver is also part of their job. While offering campervan insurance or caravan insurance Ireland, Britton Insurance takes care to offer coverage for hotel rental charges, repairs and maintenance charges, etc. as required by the customer. Furthermore, you can ensure your any motored vehicle with them.

They offer multiple insurance solutions in one place. Their insurance executives lend a helping hand while buying the insurance policy and making claims if required.

Thus, have a hassle-free insurance experience with Britton insurance and ensure your mobile home with them for financial security in the event of mishappening and for peace of mind.

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