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The Secret to Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen décor is one that’s an impeccable combination of design and functionality, unlike the traditional style which was employed by households decades ago.

There are several kitchen designs that give an entirely different look than what you may have previously had.

Besides, sometimes when you pick combinations by yourself, there is the chance that the outcome may not be as you predicted it to be. Therefore, it is wise to get in touch with the experts, especially when you intend to design the best home kitchen for yourself.

Experts can recommend the best solution based on your available kitchen space, requirements, and budget. This way, you won’t go wrong in executing the latest design trends or a vintage décor, whatever it is you like.

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One such design which you will observe these days in most kitchens is the backsplash trend. If you plan to incorporate the same in your kitchen then here’s what you should know about them-

What is a Backsplash?

In simple terms, backsplash refers to the material used to cover the wall space between the upper cabinets and the kitchen countertop. This space can be utilised by homeowners in the most creative manner.

They can be as creative as possible. They can either paint the space themselves (if only they possess that creative flair for painting). They can also use a variety of textures, materials, and colors for backsplash.

However, every household must keep one aspect in their mind while considering backsplash as an option – the material used for the purpose should be highly resistant to several substances. The main reason for this is that backsplash may come in contact with versatile substances and if it is delicate, it might easily get faded or scraped.

This is one spot where your designer and you have to think twice to bring together creative and functional aspects.

Discussed below are some basic factors that you should keep in mind while searching for a good/sturdy backsplash option.

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Search for the Secret Formula

Imagine your kitchen floor, backsplash, and countertop in three different colors.

You probably will have second thoughts about your kitchen space. You definitely do not want it to be a nightmare and hence need to search for a balanced look that brings all these aspects together. It is important to include a backsplash as a part of the combo rather than considering it as a separate unit.

This way, you can enhance the overall effect of the décor and not just focus on one particular element.

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Create Your Own Style

It is pretty much easy to get confused when you see numerous design options in front of you. In order to avoid this, you can simply select a particular design and material that resembles your personal style quotient.

It can be contemporary, traditional, transitional, or a combination of any two. Remember, that your personal style acts as a referral point to select the material for your backsplash design.

Blend it Well

You can create an interesting backsplash design by combining different materials. For example, stone mosaics with glass tiles are considered to be a classic combination. You can also try blending a type of tile, say metal stix mosaics along with interlocking linear tile pieces.

If these combinations sound very extravagant or loud, you can also pick a unique shade of cement tile and add a new dimension to it. The simplest and easiest trick to incorporating backsplash (and perhaps, the most hassle-free) is to use the same material but in different sizes. Surprisingly, a minute change can present a completely different design, especially for the backsplash.

Perks of a Glass Effect

Irrespective of which part of the house you use it for, glass has an exceptional and interesting effect altogether. It is available in the simplest and purest tile form, in custom or decorative liners, or with an intricate waterjet design that gives a rather fascinating effect.

In fact, glass is the best material to create a transitional or contemporary vibe around your kitchen. Besides, you can always mix glass with precious gems, stones, or pearls to add texture or movement. A wide range of these glass textures and hues are capable of creating intricate patterns for the backsplash.

Apart from glass, stainless steel and tiles are some popular alternative options for backsplash covering. Now that you have enough information to go ahead, you can choose the right backsplash for your kitchen and give it a complete makeover!

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