Make Money from Facebook

The thought of making money only from Facebook (earning money from Facebook) always attracted individuals. Is no secret that you can earn money from Facebook other than just sharing photos and videos, and receiving idle notifications.

The question here is how can you earn money online from Facebook in various ways. One of the best ways to do so is to sell a certain number of likes and comments for a certain amount of money (Price tags).

You can earn money online by selling Facebook page likes. But the main problem with this approach is you cannot always earn the same amount. Many people are selling 1000+ likes with very few bugs like 50 bugs.

The earning potential depends on the niche you are targeting and the types of clients you are getting online.

For Example, Found this ad on Facebook.

Ads on the Facebook

Of course, there are many other ways to earn money on Facebook and you can earn a handsome amount of money. However, many of them require initial investment either time or some kind of money but surely you will get lots of money in return.

10 Best Ways to Make Money from Facebook?

Earn Money Online by Facebook Page

There is huge potential on Facebook to earn money as much as you can. The startup in India was first started as a Facebook page that later on became a portal to share any news, or article in 60 words.

To earn money online from a Facebook page, first and foremost, you need to create a Facebook page and follow the below steps to start earning online.

How to Make Money Online from Facebook Page

Step 1: Find a Targeted Niche

You have to make sure from the first day that you are here to earn money from the Facebook page. To do so you must find a targeted niche that has huge potential to earn money and your interest in that niche.

For example, you can consider an affiliate marketing page that will produce a handsome earning from websites like Amazon and similar ones.

Making money from Facebook is not short-term or overnight work. It is also necessary that you have basic knowledge of the field you are choosing so that you can write something inspiring and inspire your fans to like and share your Facebook page and your content.

Step 2: Publish Inspiring Content on Facebook Page

After the first step is over, you need to start sharing relevant content. The content you are sharing must be inspiring, so that people on your page watch, read, and share the content you are sharing with them.

It is known that the Facebook page has less organic reach, if you are not consistent in posting relevant content on the page, people often forget your Facebook page.

It is necessary to make sure you have well-pre-written content. If you are not available for some time make sure you schedule the post for that period so that Facebook is running.

There are some great tools (Buffer, HootSuite, etc) available online you can schedule Facebook posts and other social media posts too.

Step 3: Build a Relationship

If you are in marketing, you must understand those building relationships is compulsory. This is sure you may get your first payment for collaborative promotions.

There are other ways, you can earn money online by sharing other brands’ links on your Facebook page.

Step 4: Earn More Money Online

Suppose, if you have made a good fan base on Facebook have authority, and earned a name in that niche, you can earn more money by getting enrolled in affiliate marketing. To name a few famous affiliate marketing are Amazon, CJ, Clickbank, Shareasale, etc.

Earn Money by Selling Products on Facebook

You can earn money online by selling products on Facebook using one of the best features called to make an offer. You can add your product link and provide a coupon code to offer a good discount on the product you are selling.

Selling Product on Facebook

Nonetheless, you can use an affiliate link to add with coupon code from an e-commerce company if they offer you the same. If your followers buy something from the link you shared by using the ‘make an offer’ button, you can earn a fixed percentage from that purchase.

However, you can add any paid links from any of the e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, or whoever provides a decent commission on the earnings they made by this.

Make More Money by Promoting Offers on Facebook

  • Provide an attractive offer like a 15-20% discount or buy two get one free
  • Make sure your offer is competitive or provide a better discount than your competitors
  • You can also promote this offer by using paid ads

Earn Money by Becoming Freelance Facebook Marketer

You can earn around $50 per hour by becoming a freelance marketer on Facebook. There are some specific skills required to become a freelance marketer on Facebook. Below are the skills you need to master to become successful.

Becoming Freelance Facebook Marketer
  • Facebook Stats Analyst: To become a freelance marketer on Facebook, you must be able to analyze Facebook data and predict content performance each day of the week. You can only become a successful freelance marketer on Facebook if you can analyze them correctly. Facebook has analytics to measure the performance of a FB page.
  • Able to Make Marketing Strategies & Decisions: If you make a marketing campaign for Facebook it cannot succeed without a good plan and strategy. The successful marketer knows the result of the marketing campaign at the end of the month.
  • Able to Create Facebook-Friendly Content: To perform your content on Facebook, you need to create Facebook-friendly content. For example, posts with a certain character (40 characters) on Facebook get 86% more engagement than others. You must be able to analyze the content performance in every situation.

Become Facebook Influencer

There are other ways to become successful and earn money on Facebook. By using your normal profile you can become an influencer.

Suppose, you get lots of likes and comments on your Facebook post. You can become an influencer and earn decent money. This is a great way to start earning money online with Facebook.

However, if you have a good fan following on Facebook and you interact with them by using your personal Facebook profile. You can start earning money by signing up for an influencer account on popular websites like and, etc.

Become Facebook Influencer

Once you are finished with the signup process, you need to fill out some extra information about your profile and you can let them know the amount you charge as an influencer. For example, you can fix a few thousand bugs per post to support any brand on Facebook.

Make Money Online through Facebook Apps

There are so many opportunities available to earn money from Facebook. One of the best ways to earn money from Facebook is to become a Facebook app developer. Nonetheless, you can develop an independent app for Facebook.

In your own Facebook application, you can start earning money by applying banner ads. Even, you can sell your virtual goods or services or you can take it from a few famous gaming companies like EA, Popcap, Zynga, etc.

Facebook Apps

Make Money Online by Selling Facebook Account

One of the good ways to make money online from Facebook. You can sell your old Facebook account for some money online. On the previous day, it was trending to make more than one Facebook account.

However, Now Facebook marketers buying those accounts for their marketing promotions. It is known that Facebook gives more importance to the old Facebook account.

Selling Facebook Account

Nonetheless, you can sell your old Facebook page, group, and influencer account with a decent fan base.

Make Money Online From Facebook Group

There are more ways to make money online on Facebook. You can use the Facebook group to start money online. To do so you need to create a Facebook group with a decent number of members and keep your Facebook members engaged with relevant content like blog posts, polls, image posting, etc.

Here are the ways you can earn money by using Facebook groups

  • Paid surveys
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your product/book/services

Sell Likes and Shares on Facebook

This is right, you can start earning money online by selling your likes and shares on Facebook. There are many more things you can do with your likes and shares other than just impress people on Facebook.

Many different types of businesses buy likes and shares from authentic Facebook profiles because people become more confident about the products and services of Brands by a large number of likes and shares.

You can start earning a decent amount of money from Facebook by selling your likes and shares to brands in need.

Earn Money through Facebook Ads

There is always a new way to earn money from Facebook. Recently Facebook introduced a video streaming service on its platform. If you create great content and people love watching your content you get more engagement on your videos.

You can start earning by putting ads on your videos from Facebook. This is one of the best ways to earn money online from Facebook.

Earn Money by Facebook Ads

Facebook prefers longer videos because they can insert more relevant Facebook ads and that can give you decent earnings.

In addition to adhering to Facebook Partner Monetisation Policies, there are several requirements that your Page and your content must meet to be eligible for ads.

Collaborate with Brands and Earn Money

One of the best ways to earn money is by collaborating with brands. There are several brands out there that want to collaborate with influencers or pages with a decent fan base.

Collaborate with Brands

You can start earning by posting content to support brands out there. If you have a good number of active and loyal followers you can earn a good amount by collaborating with brands.

If you want to earn more money with the brand collaboration you must post relevant content to support the brand.


It is not so easy to make money from Facebook but you can earn it by investing time and money on Facebook. There is less chance to promote content organic on Facebook.

If you want to earn money online from Facebook. You need to keep your audience engaged with your content to reach a decent number of followers organically.

If you like the post, do share it on your social media channels. Also, you can let us know your earning methods.