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6 Businesses on the Rise in 2024

If you are thinking about starting a business and still don’t know which sector, here we are going to give you some great business tips to start 2024 in the right way that will end with a full pocket.

Many people wonder if this is the time to undertake in the US, and we say yes! Times of crisis are also times of opportunity, and the time to start entrepreneurship in 2024 is now!

If you also had to postpone your plans and projects for next year due to the pandemic, know that a lot has changed.

Non-face-to-face and delivery services are on the rise, especially in the food, health, and even hotel sectors.

But before you know the booming business, you need to know the stages of entrepreneurship. To do this, read this article.

Now that you’re ready to choose which target to shoot the arrow at, let’s find out which branch is best for you!


Never in history have we been so pending on cell phones, have we?

In the same way, classes and meetings became via videoconferences, the office became the homeroom, and delivery applications have never been used more.

Some of these trends were consolidated in 2023 and will mark the upward trend in business for 2024. Even Google has already announced that it will offer distance learning courses that can replace academic degrees.

Therefore, betting on startups, selling e-books, starting leather jacket stores, and working on mobile application development, etc. has been in such demand. In addition to these, we can highlight the freelance and translation work.

In short, betting on e-commerce means hitting the center of the target.

Product Resale

Surfing the wave of e-commerce, the collaborative economy of product resale is among the booming businesses for 2024. Whether handmade products, used clothes, records, or books, it is worth betting on this market.

Themed thrift stores have been a trend since 2019. Buying used clothes, fixing or giving them a new look, and then reselling them over the internet is such a profitable business that it has already become a Netflix series.

This happens in the “Girlboss” series, available on the digital platform. If you want to know more series tips on entrepreneurship on Netflix, read this article we did about it!

Another type of resale that is on the rise is that of vinyl records and old books. Copies of books written in the original language and first edition are very valuable, as are rare and international records.

For this, you will have to do a “mining” job through the main national and international sites, but once you find the product it will gain value with the simple passing of time.

Health, Hygiene, and Beauty

Concerns about health and hygiene, added to the difficulties in taking care of beauty during social distance, created this niche market that should continue to rise in 2024.

The pandemic showed us how important hygiene and cleaning care is at home. Therefore, investing in the delivery of hygiene and health products and articles is something that will not disappear with the emergence of a vaccine.

In addition, people discovered with the help of online tutorials and tips on how to take care of beauty while at home. The sale of natural cosmetics grew between 8 and 25% worldwide in 2020.

Since delivery is much more economical and less laborious than going to clinics, aesthetics, barbershops, and beauty salons, we bet that this market will be in high business next year.

Healthy Food

Another branch that comes out of the same tree as the previous one is that of healthy food.

People at home have discovered the benefits of eating in a sustainable and healthy way, and the tendency is for them to continue even in the new normality.

According to a recent survey by IBOPE, 14% of the Brazilian population says they are vegetarian. Added to this are the new consumption habits that point to society being more concerned with sustainability.

Therefore, investing in vegetarian hamburgers, pizzas and craft beers, gluten-free pies, food for celiac, vegan dishes, etc., is a promising bet.

Accommodation Rental

With the restrictions imposed on hotels and hostels in 2020, many people have discovered the facilities to rent accommodation for the season, and this will be among the booming businesses for 2024.

Be it an apartment in the city center or a cabin in the mountains, the rent per day or per week has grown a lot compared to the traditional hotel system.

This is not only due to the care with the issue of hygiene of shared spaces but also to comfort, such as having a private kitchen.

The tendency is that more people who have an uninhabited property will rent on a temporary basis.

But that does not mean a trade war. Due to the drop (and even the closing) in the hotel sector, these modalities will be able to compete with a higher market value and will be among the booming businesses.


Another sector that grew a lot was the coworking work model.

With the difficulty of keeping rent up to date, many entrepreneurs realized the advantages of using rooms, offices, and workstations within a coworking area.

Workers who were confined to the home office during the pandemic are seeing coworking as an intermediate model between office conservatism and home office distractions.

And if coworking is among the hottest deals for 2024, why would you leave your company?

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