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7 Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

Are you thinking it’s time for a new car? You’re right! Safety and features on newer automobile models are significantly better than just a few years ago.

But first, you need to unload the car you’ve had for years. If the thought of selling your car seems like too much work, think again.

If the prospect of trying to sell your car is overwhelming, don’t sweat it. Selling your car is easier than you think. With a little time and a few thoughtful steps, you can sell your car quickly and at a fair price.

If even that still sounds like more time and effort than you’d like to invest, there are plenty of private dealers, junk car buyers, and other options that can help you quickly move your car, so you can upgrade as soon as you’d like.

A few things to keep in mind when selling your car are proper information, great marketing strategies, and good communication. It will definitely involve putting a little time and effort into the process but in the end, you will have conducted a successful sale at the right price and be happy with your outcome.

1. Documents

The first thing you’ll want to do before selling your car is to gather all the necessary paperwork and determine the fair market value for your vehicle. All Paperwork, including the title, any operator manuals, and repair or upgrade records and receipts will be of value when negotiating a sale and appreciated by the new owner.

Gathering all of these items ahead of time will also allow you to determine the appropriate value of your car. In order to sell quickly, you really need to price the car reasonably.

Kelley Blue Book will help you find a suggested baseline market rate and then depending on what improvements or repairs you have done, you can adjust that baseline price to an accurate estimated value.

2. Curb Appeal

Selling your car will be a lot simpler if you put just a little effort into cleaning up and fixing a few things that you have probably overlooked for too long. If anything obvious like mirrors or lights is visibly broken, you’ll want to get those fixed straight away.

A simple but thorough cleaning inside and out can make a big difference and grab someone’s attention who’s looking for a new car. Simple things like removing old stickers, cleaning out debris, touching up scraped paint or simply giving your car a regular wash can help draw attention to your car from prospective buyers.

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3. Online Sales

Using popular Networking Apps, like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook are all great options to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time for little or no cost to you. If using these online selling options, be sure to write an appealing description. Use a lot of details about your car’s history and its best functions.

Do your homework and include information on its best features and relevant car report reviews. And don’t forget to use lots of pictures of your vehicle from all angles, under the hood and inside and out. Prospective buyers want to see as much of the car as possible.  Include close-ups of good features and add-ons.

4. Trade-In

A new car is a sound investment. Whether it’s time for an upgrade, something bigger or safer, or just something new, wherever you are looking for a new car, there’s a good chance they will take your present vehicle as a trade-in.

That trade-in could earn you a lower price on your new car purchase.


If you know you are getting a new car, it might make sense to take the trade-in value of your car and put it toward your new ride. The next time you are car shopping, ask the dealer what trade-in options they offer.

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5. Private Sales

There’s also a good chance you have at least one private, local used car lot in town. Buying and selling cars is their business. Private dealers are always looking to buy more cars, after all, it’s what they do. You might find that selling your car to a used car lot is a simple way to quickly move your car out of your driveway for good.

6. Cars for Cash

If selling your car personally seems like too much time to handle, there are still several other ways to unload your car quickly. Don’t be afraid to call those “we buy cars for cash” signs. Those types of businesses really know how to move cars quickly.

They tend to have the business down to a science and have a list of buyers and sellers to move things quickly and efficiently. They have a lot of very helpful information available online.

Unlike some of those local we buy car signs, these bigger online companies are reputable and professional. Whichever way you decide to go, both are worth looking into and both options are quick and easy ways to sell your car fast.

7. Response Time Matters

Respond and communicate well with prospects. Once you have put your car on the market and you receive inquiries, it’s crucial to respond quickly and thoughtfully to prospective buyers. Whether it’s email, phone calls, or text messaging be sure to keep checking at regular intervals of the day and responding in a timely manner.

Be available to answer questions and if asked show the vehicle in person. Buyers have lots of other leads on new cars, be attentive when they inquire about yours. It’s also helpful to be polite and professional when dealing with someone who may be potentially buying your car.



There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to selling your car.

Whether you need cash quickly or want to buy a newer car for yourself, finding the right buyer and finishing the transaction doesn’t need to be difficult.

The best fit for your situation will be clear when you consider all your options and figure out which one is the right choice for you.

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