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Countries with a Lower Currency Than the Indian Rupee

You are planning to go on a trip, and you have everything in place. All your beachwear and other travel clothes are already in the bags. You are enthusiastic about the destination, and you can’t wait to get on that flight.

However, the first disappointment hits you when the cashier at the travel agency asks for your credit card. The amount of money you have is not sufficient for the entire package that you requested.

What do you do? Don’t worry; there is always a plan B. The world is so big with many countries; thus, you have an opportunity to visit different places with a lower currency value than the rupee.


Paraguay is an adventurous country that will expose you to a variety of challenges. There are many monuments and archives that you can visit. You get the opportunity to learn about the different cultures of the localities. Also, there are many water sources where you will have fun, like beach sports and boat competitions.

If you are not scared to get your adrenaline high, you are in for a lot of treats. Most importantly, you will end up saving since the Indian rupee is equal to 83.31 Paraguayan Guarani. You will work within the budget you initially had and have the experience of your lifetime.

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Vietnam is known for the most sumptuous meals; therefore, ensure you tag your full appetite along. Many famous local joints offer food at a very affordable price. The country has a flush of natural beauty like hills, lakes, seas, and also falls. As a tourist, you will have so much to do, and each day will impact you with different experiences. You can go to the beach and have cocktails made from unique recipes.

You can also join people in the villages and take part in their small celebrations while wearing the local attire of Vietnam. The country offers you so much at an economical rate as the Indian rupee approximately 334 Vietnamese dongs and is one of the lowest currencies pegged against the Indian Rupee.


Zimbabwe is a country located in Africa. It has experienced unfortunate inflation rates for quite a long time, making it easy for visitors to afford trips comfortably. The Indian currency has an excellent value here; hence you can stay in every sophisticated hotel that you wish without breaking the bank. It has a rich agricultural base; thus, food is affordable and in a wide range of varieties.

You will need an open mind if you want to have a test of at least the most common types of dishes. Make a date to visit the famous Victoria fall that is among the most significant falls in the world. Furthermore, there is a wide range of wildlife in Zimbabwe. Arrange for a safari and get a chance to see all the fantastic animals like elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and lions.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another top country, and fortunately, it isn’t located far from India. It is full of hills and slopes covered in green and abundant vegetation. A good camera can get the best of such locations for you to revisit after the trip. You get to learn and appreciate the various ways in which people live and approach situations.

The capital city of Sri Lanka has more adventurous places that will interest you. There are markets where you can buy jewelry at affordable prices and also a lot of eateries. You will have a pleasant stay because there are excellent resorts with staff who will offer the best kind of hospitality.


If you are looking for a place to flaunt your beach body, Indonesia is the country for you. The country has a good number of sandy beaches with palm trees and a pleasant breeze that will blow your mind away. Carry all the bikinis that you own since you might run out of clothes to wear. Nevertheless, there are other thrilling places like paddy fields and ancient architecture with a rich history.

If you have time, you can go for a high-quality massage to make the world standstill. Ensure you carry sporty shoes that you will use to climb the active volcanoes in Indonesia. If you are into sports and fitness, you can benefit from the top-of-the-class water facilities. The currency is way cheaper than the Indian rupee, so you do not have to worry about your bank balance. You can engage in any activity you wish at the expense of a considerable amount of money.


Algeria is the largest country in Africa, thus housing a wide range of cultures that you will find interesting. The big size also means that it has more to offer you regarding your touristic adventures. Its location on the coastline means a variety of beaches and hotels where you can spend time lounging in the sun. The beaches have plantations of palm trees and other beautiful nature that make them quite appealing.

The citizens have adopted the Roman culture, which they fuse with their traditions to produce a beautiful blend. If you want to spend time in the town, you will have numerous classy hotels to choose from at affordable prices.

One Indian rupee equates to almost 1.63 Algerian Dinars, so you have enough to spend and also save. Although there are many other countries having the lowest currency value compared to Indian Rupee, the ones mentioned above will leave you with the best experience.

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