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How Can Luxurious Office Design Increase Your Business Sales

You have probably already seen countless pictures of the impeccable office designs of large businesses like Google.

However, creating a space that feels luxurious is about more than just boasting, it can even directly impact your sales in more than one way. Improving your office design is not only to impress your clients and boost your brand identity, but those are surely important perks, too.

The look and feel of your offices also play a major role in how your employees are going to experience their everyday work life and how motivated they will be to do their utmost best. Needless to say, this will reflect on your business’s productivity and thereby, profitability.

Whether you’re the owner of a young startup or you’ve been in business for a while and your company is of considerable size, placing ample attention on design will have noticeable positive effects.

Fortunately, an office exuding a luxurious atmosphere does not have to put your business in lifelong debt. Simply banishing clutter and substituting some of the soulless objects that seem to be ubiquitous in offices lacking personality can go a long way.

Add to this just a few luxury additions, and your office design will already look ten times better. These are things that anyone can do, and here’s how your business will benefit from such changes.

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Sending the Right Message

Your business is built upon a carefully constructed brand identity, and every aspect of your business should be by this image. Your offices are no exception. Even if your business is still not quite there yet, you can think of it as faking it till making it.

You can communicate your brand values through interior design. Is your business intent on staying on the cutting edge? A modern, eye-catching design is the way to go. Are you focused on sustainability? Making your premises sustainable too is how you can show that you practice what you preach.

A business with a strong brand identity will outlast one that cannot seem to create a cohesive image. Customers will be more likely to stick with your brand if you manage to deliver consistency. At the same time, making sure that your interior design is in line with your brand values will also contribute to solidifying your company culture.

Impressing Clients and Recruits

As we already briefly mentioned, a notable office design is a great way to make a memorable first impression on your clients or prospective clients. Since it speaks volumes about you, everyone who walks through your door will subconsciously draw conclusions based on it.

If they are there to do business with you, it may affect the way they will interact with you and whether they will feel confident signing a deal with you in the end. A shabby interior certainly won’t send the right message no matter how great your offer is.

Making the effort to make clients feel at home will, on the other hand, score you bonus points with them. Think about the areas where you are to receive guests first. Is your waiting area neat and comfortable? Add some art and decoration to boost its appeal and pay special attention to the furniture so clients can sit comfortably.

The same goes for recruits. You will be able to acquire top talents more easily if they feel like you truly care about them from the moment, they step in. Appearance does matter in this case.

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Prestige Pricing Works

You might have already heard about the notion called “prestige pricing.” According to theory, people are ready to pay more if something appears more expensive regardless of its quality. Luxury brands regularly use this strategy to give their products an exclusive feel.

However, even if you don’t have a luxury clothing brand, you can still utilize a similar strategy to boost your brand image and make more sales.

The right office environment will contribute to a prestigious image which is what will allow you to raise your prices just a tad higher and make more profit off each sale. Luxurious conference rooms will give your partners and clients the impression of a high-end brand. You will be able to add real photos taken in your offices to your website, boosting your image and authenticity, too.

Improved Productivity

While it’s obvious how a prestigious image will boost your sales, office design can affect your bottom line in less conspicuous ways, too. One of them is the way it optimizes your business’s productivity. Needless to say, the more productive your employees are, the faster your business can grow, and improving your interior design is a small price to pay for such an effect.

There are countless design solutions that can improve productivity. Firstly, the reorganization of the current arrangement and the creation of different areas or workstations is one of them. You should not force a fully open-plan design for the sake of appearing modern as it can be counterproductive.

Some tasks require a quiet environment, which is why offering options is key. Choosing colors and decorating in a way that is proven to boost productivity will also go a long way. For instance, bringing nature in through a biophilic design will create an environment where employees can focus better.

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Creating a Safer and Healthier Space

Another crucial concern nowadays is health and safety. In the era where hygiene needs to be a special concern, making sure that your premises can be easily cleaned and adding a few extras that will ensure that both your employees and your clients feel safe while at your offices is paramount.

It will not only preserve your integrity but also send a message about your values and priorities, similar to what we have mentioned before.

A lack of clutter that makes it difficult to keep the space clean should go without saying. But going the extra mile is what will create real trust in everyone who steps into your offices. Install automatic hand sanitizer dispensers around your interior, think about effective garbage disposal from the get-go, and invest in air purifiers.

Give special attention to the restrooms. You can do that by working with professionals like If they are not properly cared for, they can destroy the image you worked so hard on creating in a split second. Use high-quality surfaces, install effective hand dryers and equip toilets with modern smart toilet seats for a truly luxurious feel.

Making Your Employees Happier

Our environment plays an important role in how we feel. Employees spend a considerable part of their day in their offices so making sure that their environment doesn’t evoke negative feelings in them is a great way to ensure productivity, employee morale, and even talent retention.

If employees lose their morale, they will hardly feel motivated to do their best to move your business forward. In addition, an uninspiring work environment might also make them feel burnt out and every employee that leaves your business means tons of expenses acquiring a suitable substitution.

Equipping your office with facilities that will boost your employees’ satisfaction with working in your employ will pay off. Creating a relaxing break room where they can rest for a few minutes will allow them to work more productively, while a stimulating environment will boost their creativity. Implementing the aforementioned biophilic design will also reduce stress.

Bringing in Comfort

Finally, you should not disregard the importance of comfort in corporate settings. Comfort goes hand in hand with health, therefore, showing concern for comfort will contribute to employee satisfaction.

Unsuitable pieces of furniture will mean that employees get tired and groggy faster, paired with the appearance of various aches. Working in such conditions will hardly allow your business to reach its full potential.

Implementing ergonomics into your design choices is an investment in your employee’s health, and they will pay you back with loyalty. Luxurious extras in the break areas will also be well-appreciated.

As you can see, some investment in the look of your premises will positively affect both your business’s inner workings by boosting employee morale and the outside impression your brand will create in customers and clients. An upscale office design will give your business and thereby products a higher quality impression.

This can mean higher prices and more sales. But it will also keep your employees happier and more motivated, leading to better productivity and potentially, business growth. Don’t underestimate the effect our environment can create.

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