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Make Money from Home with Google AdSense

If you have read our other blog posts about making money from home, then you would know that we highly recommend creating a website, blog, and YouTube Channel.

Assuming that you have already done that odds are you think about starting one, then it follows that you would be interested in how you can monetize your efforts.

Google AdSense happens to be a great monetization option with high money-making potential, and for this reason, it is the primary focus of this article. With Google AdSense, you’ll be able to convert your website, blog, or YouTube Channel into a money-making machine.

Through the use of Google ads, if you want to monetize your blog, website, or YouTube channel and start earning money, continue reading and find out how!

Why Choose Google AdSense?

If you are looking to maximize your earning potential through your website or YouTube channel, then you should choose Google AdSense. One of the best things about Google AdSense is that it’s free; instead of paying, Google pays you! If you don’t feel convinced, then the fact that it is a significant passive income generator might be.

That’s right; the income you get will require little to no effort to maintain. Google AdSense is immensely popular because it is one of the fastest ways to generate revenue for those who are just getting started. Furthermore, as your online presence grows and your traffic increases, so will your potential income.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other program, Google AdSense has its ups and downs (more ups than downs). But just because a venture has some downs, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be successful or lucrative. The best way to settle any doubts, however, is to weigh the pros and cons, so let’s do so below.


  • Joining is free.
  • Requirements for signing up are easy.
  • There is a variety of AdSense ads you can choose from.
  • You can embed AdSense ads on your webpage and in YouTube videos.


  • You won’t be able to make money unless you get traffic.
  • Visitors may leave your site when they click on ads, which means they won’t be able to click on your affiliate links.
  • Your account gets terminated when you don’t adhere to Adsense policies.

Make Money with Google AdSense

After considering the pros and cons of using Google AdSense to monetize your website, blog, or YouTube channel, you are still reading. Because like us, you believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Now that that’s out of the way, you’re probably asking yourself how you can make money with AdSense.

The way AdSense works is that relevant ads to your content get placed on your website or YouTube videos for people to click on, and every time someone clicks on one of those ads, you will get paid. This method is called Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising.

You will receive monthly AdSense Payments if you have surpassed a $100 threshold. If, however, your earnings for that month are below $100, then the balance rolls over into the following month’s income calculation.

Making money with Google AdSense on websites or YouTube follows the same principles. Still, some aspects differ, which is why we will discuss how you can make money using each system individually.

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Make Money with Google AdSense on Websites

Websites that stand to earn the most by participating in Google AdSense would be websites that see a large number of new and repeat traffic daily such as blog sites, news sites, forums, and discussion boards.

But this is not to say that you won’t earn any money from AdSense if you have a low volume of traffic, because all your site needs to produce income, is daily traffic and to create unique and valuable content.

Frequent traffic is significant because, as previously mentioned, you get paid based on the clicks the ads receive, and the probability of an ad being clicked on increases as more visitors come to the site.

While AdSense automatically generates the ads featured on your website, you get to choose where they are featured. Furthermore, the Ads generated for your website will always be relevant to the content on your page, which will help persuade your visitors to click on them.

Now let’s talk about ad revenue because we’re sure you’re anxious to find out how much you could earn. When calculating your earnings using CPC (cost per click), Google will pay you a whopping 68% of what the advertiser pays them.

For figurative projections, let’s assume you have 50,000 page views per day, but only 1% of those viewers click on the ads. If your CPC rate totals $0.10 then you would earn $50 daily (1% of 50,000 = 500), (500 x $0.10 = $50).

Make Money with Google AdSense on YouTube

Those who want to utilize Google AdSense but have no interest in creating a website would be happy to know that you’re still able to use Google AdSense to make money if you choose to make YouTube videos.

As with websites, the videos that stand to earn the most are the ones that attract a lot of viewers, so you need to make sure that as a YouTuber, you are creating entertaining and ad-friendly content.

The first step is to join the YouTube Partner Program, to qualify you must have reached 1,000 subscribers and have over 4,000 watch hours accumulated over the last 12 months. If this is you, then bravo! Your channel is qualified.

The next step is to monetize your videos using Google AdSense. Once set up, you will have the ability to control which of your videos are monetized, and unlike with websites, you can choose which ads appear on your video.

YouTube advertisers are very strict about which videos they will allow you to monetize. Controversial videos that contain nudity, foul language, or political incorrectness will not get ads, so the friendlier the content, the better your chances of earning ad revenue. Advertisers pay YouTube a Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Mille (CPM) then YouTube pays you 55% of that revenue.

You can calculate CTR; the percentage of people who click on the ad through viewing your video, so to calculate, you divide the total clicks by the total views and multiply the number by 100.

You calculate the CPM by the cost paid per 1,000 impressions or views of an ad through your video, so to calculate if you posted a video with a CPM of $5, then every 1,000 views to the ad in your video will earn you $5.

Tips for Maximizing Revenue with Google AdSense

Although you now know how it works, there are always ways to optimize your revenue with AdSense, so continue reading for some useful AdSense tips, which, if utilized, will increase your revenue stream.

Produce Great Content Regularly

At this point, you understand how important traffic is, and the best way to generate traffic is to produce unique, interesting, and engaging content consistently. That means if you have a blog, then write high-quality articles often and if you have a YouTube channel, then make engaging videos often. If you keep your audience happy, they’ll keep coming back for more!

Include a Variety of Ad Types

Google advertisers use a range of different types of ad styles, such as videos, images, and text, so instead of choosing just one technique to include on your website, you should select a variety of ad styles. Since different users react differently to each type of ad style, you’ll want to have something available for every kind of user.

Test Ad Performance

You can use Google Analytics to test which placement, size, and style of ads lead to more clicks. Using this data, you can adjust your choice of ads or associate content to increase your click-through percentage.

Utilizing an AdSense Custom Search box on your site could give users the advantage of being able to search for specific content on your website. Furthermore, this feature will also help maximize your AdSense profits as the search results page would contain ads.

Optimize Website for Mobile Usage

Many people who visit your site may do so from a mobile device or tablet, so to ensure they have a good experience on your website, you need to make sure that your device is optimized for usage on different devices. Make sure your ads are also responsive so Google can display the correct sized ad to the device the viewer is using.

Taking the next step

Using AdSense to monetize your blog, website, or YouTube channel is excellent because it will let you earn a passive income online. It’s free and easy to use and sign up for, there’s a wide variety of ads to choose from, and It can be incredibly lucrative if you have a lot of viewers/visitors.

If you’re seriously considering using AdSense for your blog, website, or YouTube channel, then you’ll need to ensure that the content you make is interesting, informative, and engaging, is not controversial, and is produced regularly.

Additionally, ensure that you choose a variety of different ad types to appeal to your wider audience and to make sure that your embedded ads are mobile responsive.

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