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6 Tips on Becoming a More Successful Marketer

Marketing is an ever-evolving field that deals with the changing demands of the masses. The tactics that made a good marketer in the past may not apply today.

Research suggests marketing will become a more creative and personalized profession in the years to come. The only way to maintain your success in this field is by keeping up with the changes and mastering the skills that will help you in every situation.

With the help of this guide, you can get started on improving your proficiency as a marketer now.

Why Marketing is Important

In the past, creating something that looked eye-catching and distributing it across media channels was enough to garner sales. However, the average user in the digital age is constantly bombarded with ads.

To truly create impact and win over new customers with your campaign, you need each aspect of advertisement to be top-notch. Modern-day marketers will spend hours considering something as simple as a subject line in a newsletter email before sending it out.

Marketing is not about advertising now; it’s about creating business growth. Your role has evolved from a simple marketing agent to a strategic business leader. The decisions you make can create enormous profits and affect the company’s direction. That said, let’s take a closer look at some of the skills you need to master to be a successful market leader.

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1. Revenue-Focused Work

A good marketer can generate a significant amount of revenue for the company. Of course, you won’t be able to execute a plan for generating revenue without the proper knowledge. In the digital age, people who possess the ability to work with analytics become far more valuable to companies.

As a result, employees with marketing degrees are at an advantage in the job market since they possess strong communication and market data analysis skills. To ensure you can create revenue-focused campaigns for your company, you need to take the time to master data analytics.

2. Master Your Communication Skills

Whether you’re dealing with customers, coworkers, or clients, communication is crucial for success. Communication helps you convey your ideas to your clients and gain their trust. It can help you ensure everyone on your team is on the same page, so there are no errors while executing the marketing strategy.

As long as you communicate openly and remain transparent about your demands and deliverables, you can build lasting business partnerships. In the business world, you often need a lot of goodwill to maintain professional relationships.

By improving your communication skills, you can gain a network of resources to utilize no matter which company you work for. Those resources can also be helpful if you one day decide to launch your marketing firm.

3. Become a Good Storyteller

You can improve the purchase intentions of your potential customers with the right brand image. To build this image, you need to be able to create a story around the company. Apple, for example, has placed itself in the market as a luxury brand that “just works,” even though its products are comparable to Samsung, Dell, and others. It rarely compares its devices to anything but its products from last year. The storytelling makes it feel like there is no other brand to buy.

By presenting the right story in its keynotes, Apple can convince its customers its products are worth their hard-earned money. You need to use your storytelling skills to give customers a reason to choose your company over another. This ability can take your business a long way.

4. Focus on Different Writing Styles

Each form of marketing has its own set of rules and guidelines. Writing for social media focuses on informal, even provocative language that catches the user’s eye in an endless feed of posts.

Writing copy is formal, removes unnecessary words, and gets right to the point. If you’re writing for a newspaper advertisement, the more space you take, the more money it costs. Similarly, shorter TV commercials are more economical for the company.

By writing concisely and knowing your target audience, you can reduce the cost of an advertisement while increasing the profit generated. A fantastic example of writing style adaptation comes from Wendy’s social media, which focuses on humour for the Twitter crowd, but maintains a professional tone in traditional ads. Good writing creates engagement. What is defined as “good” depends on the medium of communication.

5. Test Product Responses

If you ask any senior marketer the rationale behind their business decisions, they will likely call it “intuition.” While this is true in part, there is a bigger picture. Your intuition depends on your experience, and you build experience by experimenting. A good marketer knows they need to test campaigns, pricing, and ads. Using focus groups to gauge the response to a product is a great place to start.

Thanks to online advertising, you can use A/B testing to determine which form of an ad obtains the most response. Even small changes, such as including a time limit on a sale, can significantly affect the number of users who click on the ad. Over time, this constant testing will build your market sense and improve your decision-making.

6. Never Stop Learning

Each generation responds differently to marketing strategies. Every year, new people are entering the workforce, which means there are new people with purchasing power you can target. You need to be aware of which strategies have failed while attracting incoming buyers. In all likelihood, tactics like blatant product placement won’t affect people who watch multiple movies through streaming platforms.

Similarly, you can compare the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements versus social media influencer endorsements on the younger generation of buyers. As the market evolves, you need to be flexible and evolve. Study the changes and trends, and make your decisions based on them. If you allow yourself to become stagnant, you might become outdated.


In short, a good marketer can utilize all the resources around them. You need to be able to take advantage of the technology used in the modern day, communicate well with your coworkers and clients, and study the trends.

This path can be difficult, but it can also allow you to combine your technical and creative skills while earning a handsome salary for yourself. As long as you are willing to learn new skills and adapt to the changing landscapes of generational markets, you will succeed in this field.

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